Battlefield 3 Easter Eggs & Secrets

Looking for Battlefield 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets?

With a game in development as long as Battlefield 3 and packed with as much detail as this highly anticipated FPS contains, there are sure to be tons of Easter Eggs and various Secrets hidden within the game.

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Hidden Song (Top Pic)

You may have come across some XCOM Stations that have quickly scrolling text. Think its military related? Think again… The text are actually the lyrics from a 200 year old Swedish folksong! The name of the song? Varmlandsvisan! Thanks to RaXha for this tip.

Mirror’s Edge 2 Hints? Faith’s Bag

You can locate the bag that Faith carrys on her from Mirror’s Edge. Could this be a hint at Mirror’s Edge 2? Or just a clever Easter Egg? In addition to these hints at Mirror’s Edge, there are many other Mirror’s Edge references in Battlefield 3. Signs exiting from the Metro Station point to “Av. de Faith Connors” which is a direct reference to Faith, the main character of Mirror’s Edge. And then you consider that the Metro Station itself is called “Rue Catherine”, the pieces start to come together. “Kate” was the name of Faith’s sister. Thanks to haplue96 for this tip.

The F*ck You Mouse

Thanks to ZombiesIntel for the tip.

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