Doom IV Is NOT Cancelled

Doom 4 has NOT been cancelled, or put on indinite hold, according to Betheseda’s Peter Hines.

He has tweeted that Doom IV is still very much in development and will be released, wait for it, “when it’s done.”

To quote:

“DOOM 4 rumor, games are done when they are done and no title under development at id has been postponed – indefinitely or otherwise.”

This follows reports that Bethesda parent company Zenimax had put Doom 4’s development on indefinite hold and/or delayed it, due to disappointing than expected sales of id’s recently released Rage; which was hounded by lots of glitches and technical issues as well as repetitive gameplay.

Personally, it’s hard to see why Doom 4 would get the axe. If there’s any game that’d help them recover from Rage, it’d be Doom 4. Right?