Professor Layton and the Last Specter DLC Puzzles Leaked

19 October 2011
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Professor Layton and the Last Specter Download Content Puzzle Screenshot - Week 23 Trapped Treasure

The Professor Layton and the Last Specter DLC, downloadable content Puzzles that are released each week for the next 33 weeks, have been officially revealed.

Although these are official, they weren’t intentionally shown, so this is really a leak. Basically someone was able to snoop around the official web-site’s code and was able to bring up the list of Weekly Downloadable puzzles that Nintendo has in mind as well as pictures of what we can expect.

These puzzles are free to download via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and will begin distribution next week.

Here is the schedule for the downloadable Professor Layton and the Last Specter puzzles:

Week 1
Puzzle Name: Mouse Match

Week 2
Puzzle Name: Today is a Quarter

Week 3
Puzzle Name: Love Letter?

Week 4
Puzzle Name: Hat Panels

Week 5
Puzzle Name: Mysterious Symbols

Week 6
Puzzle Name: Juicy Returns

Week 7
Puzzle Name: Tidy Toy Cubby

Week 8
Puzzle Name: Which Folder?

Week 9
Puzzle Name: Painting the Stairs

Week 10
Puzzle Name: Book Browsing

Week 11
Puzzle Name: Showtime!

Week 12
Puzzle Name: Cleaning Magic

Week 13
Puzzle Name: How the Bells Toll 2

Week 14
Puzzle Name: Mow Off

Week 15
Puzzle Name: Numerical Graffiti

Week 16
Puzzle Name: Next Number

Week 17
Puzzle Name: Missed Steps

Week 18
Puzzle Name: Evacuate Again!

Week 19
Puzzle Name: Ribbon Ring

Week 20
Puzzle Name: Vandal’s Failure

Week 21
Puzzle Name: Sheep Shearing

Week 22
Puzzle Name: Bat Attraction

Week 23
Puzzle Name: Mother & Daughter

Week 24
Puzzle Name: Tea Party

Week 25
Puzzle Name: Toy Chests

Week 26
Puzzle Name: Twins and Triplets

Week 27
Puzzle Name: Double Brothers

Week 28
Puzzle Name: Picky Polar Bears

Week 29
Puzzle Name: Pizza Time!

Week 30
Puzzle Name: Two Numbers

Week 31
Puzzle Name: Water Buckets

Week 32
Puzzle Name: Trapped Treasure

Week 33
Puzzle Name: Auction Order

Here’s the launch trailer for Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

Via Nintendo World Report


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