Plush Portal 2 Turret with Sounds Coming Soon

Thinkgeek has done the unthinkable, made a Portal 2 Turret Plushie! Complete with sounds! IT TALKS!

To quote from their description:
The Plush Portal 2 Turret is the perfect companion to your Companion Cube. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have setting up your own testing scenarios with teddy bears or plush microbes. This is a scientific facility after all.

We all know that science can be a rough business. So when you’re feeling down, you can give this little friend a hug and know that it doesn’t hate you and never will. Because sometimes science is a little like magic, and sometimes it’s a little like love.

Of course, the Plush Portal Turret does more than simply comfort you between test scenarios, it talks! That’s right, thanks to the Miracle of Science(TM), we’ve built in the phrases all proper sentry turrets should know. The Plush Portal Turret also has a bright, glowing, red eye so that you’ll know for sure that it loves you.

The Plush Portal Turret is an officially licensed Portal 2 collectible!

Portal 2 Turret Plush Specifications

14.5″ High
Talks just like a proper sentry turret
The glowing eye is how it says it loves you
Does not include working dual machine guns. Sorry.
The actions below will randomly result in the given quotes…
Your plush turret detects motion nearby:
“Target acquired”
“There you are”
“I see you”
“Preparing to dispense product”

Your plush turret is moved or knocked over:
“Critical error”
“Shutting down”
“I don’t hate you”
“Hey, hey, hey”

Your plush turret is ignored (times out after 30 seconds of inactivity):
“Good bye”
“Are you still there”
“Target lost”

One word. Awesome.

Here is a video of a home-made (not the official one) Portal 2 Turret plush.