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18 October 2011
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Twister Mania Achievements Art

Our Twister Mania Achievements guide lists every Achievement for this Xbox 360 Party Game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 27 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 1000 points to earn in the Xbox 360 Kinect game.


1. Life of the Party (40G) – Complete a Party Play game.
2. Nice’n’easy (30G) – Complete all Beginner Solo Play It All levels.
3. Normies (45G) – Complete all Intermediate Solo Play It All levels.
4. Prestige (60G) – Complete all Advanced Solo Play It All levels.
5. Lemonade Stand (30G) – Complete all Beginner Cooperative Play It All levels.
6. Which Tweedle Am I? (45G) – Complete all Intermediate Cooperative Play It All levels.
7. Partners in Crime (50G) – Complete all Advanced Cooperative Play It All levels.
8. Campaign Professional (60G) – Complete all Solo and Cooperative Play It All levels.
9. Twister Maniac (110G) – Achieve 3 stars in all Solo and Cooperative Play It All levels.
10. Tastemaker (25G) – Complete one Challenge of each variant available Play It All Mode.
11. Turkey (25G) – Get 3 perfect shapes in a row in Shape Frenzy.
12. Lucky 7s (30G) – Earn 3 stars in the 7th Challenge of all Solo Play It All difficulties.
13. Hollywood Blvd. (35G) – Earn all the bonus stars in one game of Shape Frenzy or Twist & Fit.
14. Hot Dog M.D. (25G) – Earn a perfect on the Hot Dog shape in Shape Frenzy.
15. Been There, Done That (45G) – Play every game variant.
16. Where the Shapewalk Ends (25G) – Make it to the end of the Shape Frenzy track and be teleported back to the start.
17. Playing in Traffic (25G) – Complete all the Traffic themed levels of Slalom in the Play It All Mode.
18. When the Stars Align (30G) – Destroy 6 pieces in a single Break It Down solve.
19. Wallflower (25G) – Reach one of each bonus available in a single Break It Down game.
20. Going Green (25G) – Complete an entire round of Twist & Smash on the first passes.
21. Mount and Do (30G) – Complete all the Extreme Sports shapes in the Play It All Mode.
22. The K12 (25G) – Make it through a round of Slalom without touching a shape.
23. My Two Dollars (25G) – Solve the dollar sign shape twice in a single run of Intermediate Coop Play It All level 22.
24. Pacifist (35G) – Finish a Twist & Smash game with a score of zero.
25. Twistapalooza (40G) – Complete one round of Party Play, one level of Play It All, and one level of Free Play.
26. Wax On (30G) – Complete all Martial Arts Shapes in Play It All Mode.
27. Foodie (30G) – Complete all Food Shapes in Play It All Mode.

Guide videos coming once they are available.

Please comment if you have any achievement/trophy unlock tips of your own and we’ll give you credit for it. Thanks for visiting!


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