How Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Uses Kinect

How does Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary use Kinect? The Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary release date is on November 15th, 2011 and the game is a remake of the original Halo built for the Xbox 360!

One of the biggest new additions to the title outside of online play and remastered graphics, is the fact the the game will make use of the Kinect Sensor to add some all-new functionality! But until now we could only imagine how Halo would make use of Kinect. But now we know!

Here is how Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Uses Kinect:

Voice Commands – Imagine being able to simply reload your gun by shouting “Reload”! NOW YOU CAN! Kinect adds Voice Commands to Halo, allowing you to reload your weapon, toss grenades, and more, using your voice! You can even use your voice to switch between the Classic and Remastered graphics!

Analyze Mode – Scanning. Remember Metroid Prime? You can now scan items using the all-new Analyze Mode, which lets you Analyze Characters, Vehicles, Weapons, Enemies, Ammo, Locations, etc.! Once scanned they will be added to the new “Library”, an index of everything you’ve scanned. By holding your target over something and saying “Scan” you’ll initiate the analysis. As you might expect, scanning will also serve as a collectable of sorts. No doubt you’ll need to do a lot of Scanning in order to unlock every Achievement and complete the game 100%.

Gesture Controls and the Library – As mentioned above, all of your Analyzed items will be indexed in the library, which you can peruse, search and read through at your leisure. You can even use Gesture Controls to move through the Library.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.