Everybody Dance Trophies Guide

Our Everybody Dance Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this PS3 Move Dancing title and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 34 Trophies (1 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (17), Silver (10), Gold (5), Platinum (1) and to increase your Gamer Level.


1. The Dance Never Ends (Platinum) – Unlock all other trophies.
2. Center Stage (Bronze) – Play your first Solo Dance.
3. Dance-Off (Bronze) – Play your first Dance Battle.
4. It Takes Two (Bronze) – Play your first Dance Partners routine.
5. Keep On Moving (Silver) – Play 50 dances.
6. Dance Starter (Bronze) – Get a 5-star rating on a Beginner, normal length routine.
7. Dance Champion (Silver) – Get a 5-star rating on 5 Intermediate, normal length routines.
8. Dance Deity (Gold) – Get a 5-star rating on 10 Professional, normal length routines.
9. Two Against The World (Gold) – Get a 5-star rating on 10 Dance Partners, normal length routines (excludes Creator Routines).
10. Never Dropped A Beat (Silver) – Achieve a 70-move streak in any routine (excludes Creator Routines).
11. Unstoppable Groove (Gold) – Score 100,000 on a Professional routine.
12. Raise The Roof (Bronze) – Get at least a ‘Cool Singing’ rating in 5 performances.
13. Pitch Perfect (Silver) – Get a ‘Flawless Singing’ rating in 10 performances.
14. Hi-Five! (Bronze) – Get 5 hi-scores.
15. Chart Buster! (Silver) – Get 40 hi-scores.
16. Feet Of Fire (Gold) – Dance for 10 hours in total.
17. Tour De Dance (Silver) – Play 15 dances in one game session.
18. Choreographer (Bronze) – Create a Solo Dancer routine.
19. Dance Made For Two (Bronze) – Create a Dance Partners routine.
20. Fresh New Moves (Bronze) -Play a Creator Routine.
21. Get Sweaty (Bronze) – Perform a Dance Workout.
22. Feel the Burn (Silver) – Perform 10 Dance Workouts.
23. Self Improvement (Gold) – Burn at least 200 Cals a week for a month.
24. Saving The Day (Bronze) – Save 20 highlights.
25. Exclusive Footage (Bronze) – Upload a video or snapshot highlight to the Community Gallery.
26. Social Networking (Bronze) – Share a video or snapshot highlight with Facebook or Twitter.
27. I Like The Way You Dance (Bronze) – Rate a video or snapshot highlight in the Community Gallery.
28. Party Time! (Bronze) – Play a 5-round party.
29. 24-Round Party People (Silver) – Play 24 Party rounds in total.
30. Beginner Class (Bronze) – Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Beginner routine in Dance Class.
31. Advanced Class (Bronze) – Get a 5-star rating on every section of an Intermediate routine in Dance Class.
32. Learn With Friends (Silver) – Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Dance Partners routine in Dance Class.
33. Top Of The Class (Silver) – Get a 5-star rating on every section of a Professional routine in Dance Class.
34. Hidden Trophy

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