Conquer Online MMORPG Starts Facebook Beta

18 October 2011
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Conquer Online Facebook Art of the Archer Class

Conquer Online Facebook is a reality! The long-running MMORPG Conquer Online has now expanded into Facebook to land on the social networking scene revealed publisher NetDragon.

The game will launch with a two-week Beta test for NetDragon’s highly successful free-to-play MMORPG Conquer Online. The game is NetDragon’s most successful free-to-play PVP MMORPG with over 10 million registered PC users from over 100 countries.

No client download, no installment! Just log on your Facebook and then click & start your adventure! Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Here is the debut trailer for Conquer Online Facebook!

Have fun participating in a series of intriguing in-game quests and events! Prizes include game items, game currencies, and a real-life iPad! Winners will be selected by NetDragon at the conclusion of the Beta test.

Conquer Online players live in a mythical realm of ancient China where players morph themselves into fearless heroes in the world of Conquer. The game offers the same ingredients as the original PC version including vivid Chinese martial arts style, action-packed gameplay, and fun challenges for players of all levels. Players can interact with their Facebook friends by inviting them to join the game directly with their own Facebook account!

This is very interesting news to see an MMO that is free-to-play expand onto the free Facebook. This is an excellent strategy and I would expect the amount of users in the world to expand by leaps and bounds. I never played Conquer Online but my ex-roommate, two of my brothers, and a friend got deeply hooked on the game years back. At one point it seemed like everyone was playing it.

Do you play any free-to-play MMOs?


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