Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Stop Protocol 10 & Dr. Strange Boss Battle

In order to stop Protocol 10 we must scan the TYGER helicopters to locate the Master Control Program. Then breach the Wonder Tower observation deck to Stop Protocol Ten.

Once inside, beat the armed soldiers Hugo Strange sends at you. Then continue onward and climb the Wonder Tower.

As you reach the top and make your way through the Security Control Center, make note of that the enemies will check in grates of they find a nearby unconscious body.

Now it’s time for the Dr. Strange boss battle.

How to beat the Dr. Strange Boss:

This is an easy one. Hugo Strange will be surrounded by thugs, simply beat them all and focus on hacking the security panel door.

Stop Joker & Clayface Boss Battle

Your new primary objective is to get the cure from Joker and stop him from becoming immortal. But first we must do a boss fight with Clayface.

How to beat the Clayface Boss:

The incredible blob Clayface is the real boss, to defeat him you’ll need to make use of the Freeze Blast. Keep Blasting away with Freeze to kill Clayface. Clayface has a myriad of attacks with which to kill you with. When he does a jab, use Counter. When he morphs into swinging scythe blades, jump over them. And when he goes all Marble Madness up in here, quickly leap out of the way until he hits a wall. Keep using the Freeze Blasts until he is frozen through. This will give you time to nab the sword in Clayface’s back and make use of the Sword against Clayface. Mix this and repeat until Clayface is dead, being sure to avoid his newly learned attacks like: Spinning, Mudball Throwing, and another Ball Attack. During the final phase, you’ll have contend with Clay Monsters while you remain trying to toss Freeze Blasts into him. When the monsters appear beat them up until Clayface reemerges. As he does he’ll shoot a projectile at you, be quick to avoid it/them. To kill him Clayface with Freeze Blasts while he is on the surface. Keep this up and he’ll be ground mud in no time.

After the floor explodes, Batman falls down, and the second part of the Clayface boss battle begins. The trick here is to keep throwing Freeze Blasts at Clayface’s body until he can’t move anymore and you can take him down, then you’ll have reached the ending of the game.

Sit back and enjoy the ending!

The End. Or if you’ve watched the credits all the way, then it’s more like: The End?

Congratulations on completing your Batman: Arkham City walkthrough of the story mode!

New Game +

To unlock New Game + you have to finish playing through the Batman: Arkham City campaign on Normal Mode or Hard Mode.

In New Game Plus you can take on the story mode again, but this time armed with every gadget and upgrade you have already collected. However, you’re going to need them, as this is the ultimate challenge, with no counter icons, tough new enemy configurations, and faster, better armed enemies right from the start.

Important: New Game Plus is a separate mode accessed from the Main Menu and does NOT affect the progress of your original game. XP, upgrades, gadgets and Riddler trophies are shared between both modes.

Developer Rocksteady’s Dax Ginn explains on video how New Game Plus helps make Batman Arkham City an experience you’ll want to return to again and again.

Alternative Batman Outfits are unlocked after finishing the game as well.

Any downloaded alternative Batman outfits can now be worn in the Main Story mode and New Game Plus. Choose your alternative outfit after continuing your game from the Main Menu.

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