Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Retrieving Cure from Joker & Joker Boss Battle

First, let’s rescue Vicki Vale from the chopper crash site.

Second, we make our way to the cure only to find out it’s a Mad Hatter trap and we go down the rabbit hole.

In the third part of this section you’ll be able to complete the “Heart of Ice” side mission, where you can return to Mister Freeze in the GCPD to let him know the location of his cryogenic suspended wife Nora to rescue her. For reference: She was locked up in Warehouse 5B in the Falcone shipping yard.

Fourth, we go back to the Steel Mill to meetup with Joker.

In part 5 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, a good tip is to target enemies with the Freeze Blast to paralyze them momentarily. Use the right trigger on your controller to quickfire the Freeze Blast.
Funny note: The Joker discusses his feelings through a Lost TV show reference.

In part 6 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, we must make our way through the Smelting Chamber, Assembly Line, and Loading Bay.

After finding a rather tied up Harley Quinn, here you can start the side mission “Hot and Cold” to locate the Freeze technology stolen by Joker in the Steel Mill.

In part 7, we finally reach Joker for the boss fight!

How to beat The Joker Boss:

This battle starts of like a piece of yummy quick, but quickly escalates to a yummy cake full of deadly nails. NAILS! Before long, you’ll be surrounded by thugs while also having to contend with Mr. Hammer, a Titan Mutant and madman (The Joker) himself. Concentrate first on taking out the Titan. Use your cape three times to stun the Titan, and beat him to a pulp after the third. To take out Mr. Hammer, use your Remote Electrical Charges to spin him and make him take out the other minions. Remember when the tracks light up to quickly get out so you don’t get run over. Take out enemies using your Freeze Blast and Line Launcher, and beat the crap out of The Joker once you reach him. Joker himself is easy to fight, and will give up before too long.