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18 October 2011
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The Trail to Ra’s al Ghul & Into Wonder City

Nice of Robin to drop by. ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s head to the Wonder Tower Foundations.

We continue our search for the remaining data off the Mechanical Guardians, so we can find and access the hidden exit left of the entrance door with the assassin’s sword. Then talk to Talia al Ghul.

The Demon Trials & Ra’s al Ghul Boss Battle

How to beat the Ra’s al Ghul Boss:

Time to fight this mini-god within a giant desert environment. During phase 1 of this Boss Fight, kill all of the ninjas until they merge with Ra’s al Ghul. You’re focus will be on the meditating real form of Ra’s al Ghul which is protected by ninjas. To do this quickly use a Remote Electrical Charge when you spot holes in the ninja defense. Do your best to avoid Ra’s al Ghul’s vertical blade attacks and those of the ninjas, and focus on hitting the boss. Hit him with enough Remote Electrical Charges and Phase 1 will be complete. In phase 2, the mob will attack you all at once. Tap counter with quick speed and then start killing as many of the ninjas as you can. Do this until Ra’s al Ghuls large form appears. Your means of attacking him remains the same, just harder this time to break through his defense. Once you’re back in reality, use a Reverse Batarang to disarm Ra’s al Ghul and free the hostages. I AM BATMAN!

Return to Mr. Freeze & Mr. Freeze Boss Battle

In order to manufacture the cure, you must return to the GCPD lab.

Now we return to the GCPD lab to deliver the blood of Ra’s al Ghul to Mister Freeze. But he wouldn’t be Mister Freeze if he didn’t try to double-cross us, so prepare for a boss fight.

How to beat the Mr. Freeze Boss:

A traitor is in the midst. After handing over the Blood Sample, Mr. Freeze turns on the Caped Crusader. You are open to fight Mr. Freeze as you see fit, but each time you attack him successfully, Mr. Freeze will adapt to the situation and learn from his mistakes! This means that you will not be able to attack Mr. Freeze in the same manner as before, as he’ll render that previous attack null! This means that you must cycle through all of Batman’s repertoire of moves and attacks in order to defeat Mr. Freeze. Remember that you can scan Mr. Freeze in the Batcomputer Analysis to see his weaknesses. You must avoid Mr. Freeze’s main attack, his Freeze Ray, at all costs or you are done for. Mr. Freeze uses Batman’s heat to track you, which means you can also easily lure him into traps. In order to beat Mr. Freeze you will need to successfully take him out five times. Here are some ways you can defeat him: Electrocute the water when he’s standing in it, hit him with the Line Launcher from behind, attack him with a Silent Takedown from behind, use the Electromagnet and use the Disruptor. Good luck!


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