Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

18 October 2011
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Infiltrate the Museum to Destroy the Scramblers

In part 2 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, we must disable Penguin’s military grade Communications Disruptors by looking for their jammer signals and then destroying the disruptors.

In part 3 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, we continue onward looking for jammer signals.
Also, here we find a the 2nd of I believe 6 TITAN containers to destroy with gel.

In part 4 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, we get close to the last Communications Disruptor.

Inside the Museum & Gladiator Pit Boss Battle

We must rescue more undercover GCPD officers in the Museum, while encountering the Penguin.

How to beat the Gladiator Pit Boss Battle:

Hopefully you’ve honed your combat skills, because you’ll need them here when you are surrounded on all sides by an angry mob of inmates. Eventually a hulking Titan Mutant will be unleashed; but he is easily subdued with stun attacks. When on his back, steer the lug towards the others so he can take them out. Essentially avoid Titans attacks and repeat this process. Once the battle is over use a Remote Controlled Batarang to hit a switch behind the fence that opens a door allowing you to proceed.

The Torture Chamber, The Penguin & Solomon Grundy Boss Battles

We continue rescuing more undercover GCPD officers in the Museum, while saving Mr. Freeze at the same time.

In part 2 of the Batman: Arkham City walkthrough for this section, we make our way to the Iceberg Lounge. Watch out for the shark as you near it! Then get ready for the boss fights with The Penguin and Solomon Grundy.

How to beat The Penguin Boss:

This boss is easy if you know what to do. You can’t reach him from where you start off with your override, so avoid his freeze blasts and make your way towards him from either direction. You’ll notice that one side connects to Penguin’s location, use it to get within striking distance of your foe. Slowly creep up to him, avoiding sudden movements that might get his attention, and you’ll eventually be close enough to use your override. Boss done.

How to beat the Solomon Grundy Boss:

Naturally, Penguin was just toying with you. He sics Solomon Grundy to feast on some Bat-soup. This boss is impervious to melee attacks, and his health is refilled every time he gets zapped. Thus your goal is to cut that line of immortality. Simply use Explosive Gel on the three electrical receptors (circular pads) on the floor to blow them away. Solomon Grundy will attack you with his Ball & Chain weapon, avoid his standard attacks and his deadlier sweeping attack. Leap over it with correct timing to avoid being hit. Once you’ve blown up his immortality generator, sweep in for a series of attacks as he’ll be vulnerable. After you’ve blown them up once, the electric pads will resume with additional protection. Blow them up once more using Explosive Gel but detonate it only when the core is exposed. Mix and repeat, with the last stand being to avoid the maggot enemies and focus on blowing up the receptors once and for all. Solomon Grundy will then be down and out for the count.


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