Batman: Arkham City TITAN Containers Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

18 October 2011
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Batman: Arkham City Titan Containers Locations Guide Screenshot

Our Batman: Arkham City Titan Containers Locations guide will show you where to find each of the six Titan Containers scattered about the game. You will find these hidden Titan Containers as part of the Bane Sidequest.

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“Each container has a radio beacon built in. There were twelve containers left in this city. We take six each, then we meet back here.” – Bane.

Destroying all of them and going to see Bane (at which point you will destroy the rest) will earn you the “Broken Toys” Achievement worth 25G in the Xbox 360 version or a Silver Trophy in the PS3 version. It will also unlock the Bane Character Trophy and close the case on Bane.

Titan Container #1

This video shows you where to locate Titan Container #1.

Finding All Titan Containers

This video shows what happens when you find all of the Titan Containers and complete the Bane Sidequest.

As we find more Titan Containers locations, we’ll update this guide. Do you know where they are located? If so leave a comment and we’ll update this guide and give you credit!


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