Batman: Arkham City Endings

18 October 2011
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Want to watch the Batman: Arkham City Ending? The game has multiple Endings, although only two that you will get. The main campaign ending for the title is the one you will get no matter what you have done throughout the single-player adventure.

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Remember, we are showing you the endings! So don’t watch if you don’t want the ending for the game to be spoiled!

Batman: Arkham City Normal Ending

Batman: Arkham City Alternate Ending

You can earn the Alternate Ending only by playing through the Batman: Arkham City Catwoman DLC, which will then unlock the Alternate Ending for you to witness. This is done at the end of Catwoman Episode 3, when you’re asked to either go left to save Batman or go right to be selfish and take off with the loot. Go right for the alternate ending.

Are there any other alternate endings you know of? What do you think is the best ending?


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