Why Ezio & Altair Are Not Related

Are Altair and Ezio blood-related? With the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations release date of November 15th on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC fast-approaching, Ubisoft found it was time to answer some of the most burning Assassin’s Creed series questions.

One of the big ones that fans have been confused about and made their own answers to, is whether Ezio and Altair are, or are-not, related.

Ubisoft puts that question to bed with this answer via Lead Scriptwriter Darby McDevitt.

To quote:

“Altair and Ezio are not in the same exact bloodline, thus they are not related directly. However, they are (of course) related to Desmond, or else he couldn’t relive their memories. Ezio and Altair come from two seperate bloodlines. it’s more important for Desmond to be the convergence for a lot of special bloodlines, rather than it be one deluted bloodline. Which would happen if Ezio and Altair were directly blood related. So Altair and Ezio are on different sides of the family tree. It could be that Ezio is on Desmond’s father’s side and Altair on Desmond’s mother’s side.”

Hear Ubisoft’s whole answer in this Q&A video.

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