Super Mario 3D Land 1up Tricks for Unlimited Lives Discovered

Looking for the Super Mario 3D Land Unlimited Lives 1-Up Trick?

The 99 Lives 1Up trick is a staple of the Super Mario Bros. series, having originally debuted way back with the first game in 1985! In that game you could do the 1Up trick by finding a Koopa Troopa coming down a set of stairs, and then jumping at precisely the correct moment, near the end of the step you were standing on, so that the Koopa continously ricocheted off the stair wall and under Mario’s feet. Mario would continue jumping off the Koopa shell, and the extras lives would pile up to infinite!

Now this 1Up Trick, or a similar one, has been discovered in the yet-to-be-released Super Mario 3D Land! You can see how the trick is performed in this video.

The Super Mario 3D Land release date is set for November 13th, 2011 in America, November 18th in Europe, and November 24th in Australia, with a Japanese release date of November 3rd.

Hopefully this trick will be removed from the final version, as it will make the game much too easy if this trick is left in!

Here are new trailers for Super Mario 3D Land.

Do you remember performing the infinite lives 1UP trick in the original Super Mario Bros.?