Final Fantasy IV: Long Distance Cover

Welcome to our Video Games: Song Covers segment. Here I’ll be singing some of your favourite and most requested video game tracks.

Here I’m performing “Long Distance”, the opening theme from Final Fantasy IV. This orchestral version, arranged for vocals is from the album: “Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow”. This album features music from the first six Final Fantasy Games, composed by Nobuo Uematsu and sung by Risa Ohki and Ikuko Noguchi in various languages including English, Japanese, French and Portuguese.

I hope you enjoy my vocal cover, and I look forward to receiving your video game song requests! Be sure to leave your requests and feedback in the comments section below.

Original Japanese Lyrics:

Yami no kanata
Hikari no todokanu hate ni
Ima mo hitori
Kodoku na tabi o tsuzuketeiru

Koware yuku kono hoshi ni
Koutetsu no kokoro wa
Hitori wakare o tsugete
Hikari yori hayaku
Toki no nagare o sakanoboru

Hoshi ga umare
Yagate shinu koto o shitta
Soshite hitori
Eien ni te ga todoku koro

Zetsubou yori tsumetaku
Fukai yami no naka ni
Aoi hoshi ga umarete
Shizuka ni hikatta
Aa, kono toki o tsutaetai!
Aa, darekani tsutaetai!

English Translation Lyrics:

At the far reaches of darkness
The limits where light does not reach
Now, too, alone
Continuing a solitary journey

On this disintigrating star
Hearts of steel
Informing us of this single parting
Faster than light
It climbs upstream in the flow of time

A star was born
And, by and by, knew death;
And then, alone
A hand reaches out forever

Colder than despair
In the midst of deep darkness
A blue planet was born
And shed its light silently
Ah, I want to tell of this time!
Ah, I want to tell someone!

Sabrina. (SabrinaValenzuela on YouTube.)