Botanicula Announced By Machinarium Team

Botanicula has been announced as an all-new point-and-click adventure game by developer Amanita Design (Machinarium, Samorost) and creator Jara Plachy.

Botanicula has a gorgeous art-style and funny characters and is set within a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”-style world where the plantlife surrounding you is large and realistic compared to the small characters.

Botanicula’s story follows a group of five friends who are “little tree creatures” that set out on an adventure to journey from home tree by rescuing the final seed before it is destroyed by the evil parasites! Which you can see in the trailer as very cool shadow-Spider looking guys.

Botanicula will feature a soundtrack and sound effects by DVA, an alternative band from the Czech Republic.

Botanicula is scheduled for release on PC and Mac in early 2012. With platforms including iPhone (iOS) and Android also planned.

Here is the debut teaser trailer for the game.