Army Corps of Hell Announced For PS Vita

Army Corps of Hell was announced alongside the PlayStation Vita’s full unveiling, and is an all-new game from Square Enix!

However the game is NOT an RPG! It will be released in 2012.

Army Corps of Hell has players taking on the role of the “King of Hell” (SATAN YO!), who’s been banished from the underworld realm and must reclaim his throne via the help of his Goblin minions. The game is being developed by a company called “Entersphere”.

Army Corps of Hell will feature a fun, dark humor-style to it and the Hellish realm will grow ever more frightening as players venture deeper into the underworld.

One of the key features of Army Corps of Hell is how the game will make extensive use of most of the PlayStation Vita’s core features. These include the Rear Touch Pad (used to play rhythm-style mini-games as well as to heal your minions) and other features which have yet to be announced.

The game also includes an in-depth Crafting system as well as a leveling system that allows you to improve your best minions by leveling them up and equipping them with the best armor and weapons for the job. Leveling them up will also allow you to expand their abilities and skills. If you have a friend with a PS Vita, you can team-up in Ad-Hoc local multiplayer to give you an edge against the toughest demons Hell provides.

With Army Corps of Hell we’re taking full advantage of the Vita’s unique features; you can use the rear touch pad to play a rhythm based mini-game and heal your troops. The game also includes a crafting system and a leveling system to improve and equip your goblin soldiers to expand their skills and abilities. Want some rare items? Team up with some friends via ad-hoc multiplayer and take on tougher monsters.

Here is the debut trailer for Army Corps of Hell for PS Vita.

Looks like a twisted and bloody version of Pikmin! Can’t wait!