Forza 4 Walkthrough

This Forza 4 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Xbox 360-exclusive Racer.

Forza Motorsport returns on Xbox 360 and to the racetrack as the latest entry in the highest-rated racing franchise. Forza 4 promises to be the “definitive racing game of 2011”. With Forza 4 you get “genre-defining, controller-based racing, the power and freedom of Kinect, and content from leading brands like Top Gear to create an automotive experience unlike anything before it.”

Forza 4 is rated E for Everyone and is thus safe for the whole family.

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Forza 4 Walkthrough

Get ready for stunning visuals, “innovative” forward leaps in the genre of racing that you so love, a huge variety of cars to choose from, tracks to race on and challenges to conquer; along with “groundbreaking” social features, all packed into one with Forza 4. Not only that, but players can expect to get a real look into their cars like never before thanks to Forza 4’s Kinect support, allowing fans to revel in their car-passion like never before.

Key Game Features:

  • Get ready for the height of graphical prowess in Forza 4 as the game sets a new graphical standard for the genre of racer. Additionally dramatic Hollywood-style camera effects have been added as well as a new lighting engine that comes together to create a dramatically realistic graphical experience that is unparalleled. The cherry on top being the 60-frames-per-second framerate!
  • You like social networking? Forza 4 makes virtual racing more social than ever before. Players can create their own Car Club and build their ultimate driving team, and ultimate set of tuners and painters, all taken from the Forza community. You can then share your custom cars with friends, foes and the world and dominate the other user-clubs. And in Rival Mode, race against your friends or foes online or even offline! Do this by challenging them to bragging rights and earning rewards for a variety of game types.
  • Use Kinect to bring cars to life like never before in the all-new Autovista mode! This mode allows you to literally walk around your virtual car in a virtual showroom, and explore ever facet of the vehicle! Crouch down to check out the car’s details, or open the doors and pop the hood to check inside. All thanks to the power of Kinect. This allows racing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their racing experience like never before. And with the Kinect Head Tracking feature, you can pan the camera based on how you actually move your real-life head! You can even sit in the driver’s seat and take the wheel with friends and family, using Kinect, no controller is required! And that’s not all, with Kinect, you can control the game using your voice! Ease of access ftw!
  • Forza 4 offers an unprecedented 80 car manufacture’s more than ay other racing game available today! This gives fans unrivaled diversity and options for playing the game and allowing them to race as the car of their dreams. Meanwhile the all-new World Tour mode offers new tracks, unlimited choice and literally hundreds of hours of playtime as you trek across the world in your favorite ride. Forza 4 also features the most-accurate physics you’ve ever seen, outer and interior damage on every vehicle, and assists that allow even the most casual gamer to get their money’s worth! Redefine racing games with Forza 4!

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