Yakuza: Dead Souls Announced For PS3

Yakuza: Of the End is now Yakuza: Dead Souls and heading to the United States and Europe!

The game is a crazy PS3-exclusive where zombies (THAT’S RIGHT, ZOMBIES!) have invaded your Yakuza!

The PlayStation Blog describes Yakuza: Dead Souls this way:

  • Zombies in Tokyo
  • Yakuza with guns
  • Beautiful Hostesses
  • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Sega promises a very true to the Japanese Western release, where the content kept will be as true if not more so to the Japanese version of “Of the End” than the US version of Yakuza 4 was. Very little will be cut or changed.

    The game will contain the entire storyline (with spoken Japanese dialog held over from the Japanese version with English subtitles) and will feature the Pachislot minigame.

    Yakuza: Dead Souls returns you back to the streets of Kamurocho, which is now under attack by hordes of Zombies.

    Here is a trailer!

    Sadly the Yakuza: Dead Souls release date is not until March of 2012. Start counting the days!

    Via PlayStation Blog