Nintendo 3DS White Color Revealed In Japan

A new white-colored 3DS has been announced by Nintendo in Japan.

The exact color name is called the “Ice White” model of the 3DS and it will be released in japan on November 3rd, 2011 at a price point of ¥15,000.

This color will be nice for Japanese fans, as they are also getting a new Misty Pink color two week before.

No word on whether or not these colors will be released outside the Land of the Rising Sun. Hopefully they will sooner rather than later. Choice is important!

In addition to the new 3DS Ice White color, Nintendo and Capcom also announced that Japan will be getting a Monster Hunter 3G Special Pack bundle that packages the new white-colored special-designed 3DS and Monster Hunter 3G included in the pack for a US price of $274. The Monster Hunter 3G special white bundle will be released in Japan onn December 10th, 2011. No word on an international release.

Here is a trailer for Monster Hunter 3G.