Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Video Guide (PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, PS1, SNES, Retro, PC, Mobile)

This Chrono Trigger walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this beloved classic Square RPG recently re-released on Wii Virtual Console and PlayStation Network (where it’s playable on PSP, PS3 and the upcoming PS Vita as well as Mobile platforms like Xperia Play and other PlayStation Suit platforms).

Previously the game was released for DS, PS1 (via the “Final Fantasy Chronicles” compilation) and SNES. It’s also been widely played on PC via emulators.

Chrono Trigger has been called the “RPG of the Ages” and is highly cited as one of the best and most beloved Japanese role-playing games of all time. The game begins when a teleportation machine goes awry, sending the young boy Chrono on a journey through time itself to rescue a mysterious girl. Travel through an intricate web of perils in worlds of the past and present in this classic tale!

Chrono Trigger is rated E 10+ for everyone ten years old or older. This game includes Animated Blood, Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol.

Table of Contents

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

And so the Story Goes. . .
Amongst a festive celebration comes a chance encounter with an adventurous and mysterious female. While Guardia’s Mellenial Fair in Leena Square is in full force, a young hero named Chrono first meets Marle. After a brief exertion of exploration, the young duo find themselves at the exhibition of the Telepod, Lucca’s latest invention. However Lucca, Chrono’s childhood friend, gets more than he bargained for when Marle, brimming with fearless curiosity, volunteers to assist in demoing the new machine. When it malfunctions, she is sent hurtling through dimensions; mysterious pendant in hand.

What is a young hero to do but pursuit? Jumping through the dimensional rift himself, Chrono finds himself in a past age four centuries earlier! Prepare yourself to enter the world of Chrono Trigger, a game that takes you from the forgotten past to the distant future and eventually to the very end of time itself!

Key Game Features:

  • After 16-years, this beloved SNES classic remains timeless!
  • A Tale for the Ages – After Chrono meets a mysterious girl named Marle, he accidentally travels back 400 years through time!
  • In the world of Chrono Trigger, the Future, Pas and Present collide as the fate of the entire earth realm hangs in the balance!
  • Chrono Trigger uses a revised version of the historic Active Time Battle (ATB) system seen in many classic Final Fantasy games. Which offers some exhilarating battles against small creatures and epic bosses!
  • Strategic fights make use of powerful combos known as Dual and Triple Techs and all kinds of special skills!

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 1 – Millennial Fair

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 2 – Lucca’s Invention

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 3 – Guardia Castle (600 AD)

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 4 – Evil

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 5 – Cathedral Exploration

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 6 – Yakra

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 7 – The Trial

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 8 – Dragon Tank

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 9 – 2300 AD (Lab 16)

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 10 – Guardian (Proto Dome 2300 AD)