Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough – Act III

Act III – Chapter 1: The Imperfect Storm

Enter the blue portal in front of you. After some dialogue you will get control again. Climb straight up the wall ahead of you and into the vent. The path is straightforward so just keep going until you can enter the large room below.

2099 will notice an energy cart. Drop down to it and mash Circle to press it up against the center hub. A few seconds later, a door opens nearby and you’ll see another cart, but also some of those creatures that attacked Amazing earlier. Damn…

Get in there and show them what for. Air combos work wonders, as will your Decoys and Roundhouse Spin. When you’re done, jump up to the platform and open the door. Turn right to grab some orbs, then go left to find a console that will summon another cart.

You have to protect this one, as you might have guessed. When these zombies attack the cart, it stops, so to keep it moving, try to keep them away. In the beginning, the close quarters favors Roundhouse Spin. Use that and Decoys (mostly for the time-slowing) to keep them at bay. You can also stand away from the cart and use R1 to pull them away from it.

Once you get the cart to the center, do what you did before and mash Circle/B near it to force it in there. Another door then opens.

Collect the orbs in this room and grab a Golden Spider on the wall high above where the cart is supposed to come out (look for the green lights). Go to the top-left corner to find a way inside the back room. Don’t touch the console yet though! Go into another room behind there to destroy a generator. This will let you get some more orbs.

Once you throw the switch, get back out there and protect the cart. As before, try to use Roundhouse Spin and air combos to quickly eliminate the hordes. The cart will eventually hit a roadblock. Thankfully the generator lowered another force field on the side of the room, leading to another console. This will open the door for the cart to pass through.

More of the creatures wait on the other side however, and this time, it will be a whole army of them. On top of that, some mechanized drones will show up as well. Use Time Paradox or things will get out of hand quick. You can easily take out all the creatures, then focus on the other guys.

Pop the cart in and enter the last room. First, use your Web Strike ability to pull enemies in then Roundhouse Spin them. Build up a good combo and have fun. They won’t put up much of a fight. After that, go into the back room and use a Decoy to get by the turrets and use the consoles. One will activate the cart. The other will cause the floor to ignite with energy which can damage the enemies (and yourself). Don’t bother with that one though and just get to the cart.

Protecting this one is a bit tougher, so try to pull enemies away from it with R1. Use air combos or Roundhouse Spin attacks on them. You can also try to stun them with Web Shots.

Once the last cart is in place and pressed into the hub, an almost endless army of those creatures will pour in. This is an incredibly good opportunity to get a 100 and even a 200 hit combo. Use Decoy Strike to pull enemies in and Roundhouse Spin them. Or, better yet, let them crowd you and use a normal Decoy, then Roundhouse Spin. This will build up a quick combo especially if you hit multiple enemies. Using Decoys will protect you from damage and breaking the combo. Keep this up until you get a really high one.

A few robot soldiers appear, so pull them down with Decoy Strike and combo them, while trying to keep the creatures at bay too.

When the dust clears, look for the door on one side of the hub and enter. Interact with the computer for a scene.

Act III – Chapter 2: Connecting the Strands

Run toward the camera to return to an old room. Jump over the wall and inspect the other side of that strange “spiral wrap” column to find a Golden Spider. Leave through the left door.

Go into the center of this room for a scene. This big guy is bad news. His attacks can easily decimate you in just a few hits. Despite that, he’s actually not very tough. First though, focus only on the lesser foes that have laser attacks. Use Web Strike to fly at them and combo them, launch them in the air, and finish them off. Link this combo to another guy also with R1/Right Trigger and continue it. If you see one of them about to fire their laser, use Hyper Sense to escape it. Try to build a 20 combo in 30 seconds to complete a challenge.

Once they’re down, focus on the big guy. Stand near him to lure him into an attack. He might strike a few times in a row, so stand clear, then go in and hit him with a really short and sweet combo. Back away again and rinse and repeat. If you are not able to escape in time, have Hyper Sense as your lifeline. Take the key off his corpse and open the door.

Immediately after entering that door with the key, turn around and grab a Golden Spider above. Hammer the two shield enemies at the end of this hall with Triangle attacks. Enter the next room.

Two axe-wielding brutes and a few other enemies challenge you here. Use Time Paradox first to get rid of the lesser foes, then carefully hit and run with the two big guys, using Hyper Sense as your ace in the hole. Web Hammer can help when using it to hit them and the other enemies to do good damage.

Once that is over, collect any orbs you see, then approach the exit door. Wait for the security drone’s scanning sight to pass by, then pry the door open quickly.

You’ll come to a similar room, only this time, that big whatchamacallit is trying to break through the windows. First, handle all the enemies trying to stop you. Battles are getting more hectic so make good use of your various combos and Hyper Sense. Chain air combos by using Web Strike to pull yourself at another enemy. Avoid damage with Hyper Sense, then strike with Triangle attacks into another Air Launcher.

When the coast is clear, you can attend to the window, standing in the blue indicator and mashing Circle to close it. You’ll face off against another wave of enemies before you can get to the second window. The third one will give you a timer and the wave of enemies will include a large axe-wielding brute. Time Paradox if you have it.

Once the danger is over, leave through the door and go down the hall. Combo these grunts into dust, then enter the next room. Avoid the tentacles and try to collect orbs until a vent opening is revealed. Now you can leave, or if you want to collect another Golden Spider, you can stay and fight.

One warning though, it won’t be easy. You’ll face off several waves of gunner enemies, laser enemies, and a few others. Chaining your combos and using Web Strike to interrupt the laser guys constantly will be huge. Time Paradox will also be a huge help, as will of course, Hyper Sense.

Once you’re in the vent, just keep crawlin’, just keep crawlin’… Oh crap.

Start by going over to the DNA Station and interacting with Circle to grab the giant syringe. Then in comes our patient…


Do we really need a DNA to tell what this thing is? Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Oh well. In any case, your goal in this “fight” is to lure the creature into the center corridor. As you’ll soon discover though, this thing is very, VERY fast. Try to Web Swing away from it and get into the center corridor. Once it follows you in leave through the other side and the door will close. Gas will filter in and knock it out. Approach the creature and hit Circle.

Bring that DNA over to the station again. Coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody, that will not be enough. Spider-Man will grab another and we have to do it again.

This time though, the creature changes its tactics. It will teleport now and use its tentacles. Make your way to the corridor but its tentacles will block it. Use Web Shots to quickly open it back up and go inside. Locate the creature and wait for him to go inside as well and exit out the other end. He will try to stop the door before it shuts though. Quickly shoot his tentacles to force it shut.

Hit him with another syringe and take it back to the station. Thus the cycle starts again. Watch where he teleports, and if it’s safe, duck into the corridor again. Wait for him to come in then book it out of there. He’ll try to stop it again, so shoot the tentacles.

When he goes nighty night again, approach him. He’ll give you a quick scare, but then be completely out. Take the last sample and bring it to the station.

After the scene you’ll be back as…

Act III – Chapter 3: Nowhere to Run

Another free-fall section. What makes this one tougher is that many of the objects move, moving the spaces you can pass through with them. Try to have good reactions and adjust accordingly. If you memorize which way they move if you get stuck doing this over and over, that might help you react better. When you are coming up on a section of walls or some other objects, and you see an easy escape route, don’t trust it. Expect those walls to move and create a new spot so prepare for it ahead of time.

When you reach the bottom, find the only door you can pass through and look for a console. Before using it, grab the Golden Spider on the ceiling. Once the console is active, hurry back outside. Debris will be floating around. Zip from one piece to next and use it to reach an open door.

Take this to another room with a generator. Destroy it and return back to the original room. A few of those zombie-like creature will drop in on you, literally. Use Decoy constantly and try to lure them into a group to hit them with Roundhouse Spin. Air combos will also work great. Try to avoid getting hit and defeat them all for a challenge.

Go through the door opened when the force field fell and stand to the right of the computer and tap Circle repeatedly. Return to the room with the console and use it again to disable gravity a second time. Climb up the debris higher. Look for the yellow cursors to indicate zip points and when you’ve done that a few times, keep an eye open for the two platforms. Use Spider Sense to see which one has a robot with the key inside. Go to that door and enter for a fight.

Use Decoy Strike to pull down the flying enemies first. Combo them and use your normal Accelerated Decoys to slow down time and keep your attacks going. Avoid the mech until they’re all defeated. Try throwing all the explosive canisters at it for an easy win there. Take the key and go across the room to the other door and unlock it.

Make an immediate left and break the door. Climb through this vent and you can grab some Blue Portal Energy at the end. Return once that’s done. Go the other way now and interact with the pylon here to remove the energy field in the next room. Now, quickly pry the door open and get inside as it reactivates. Pull down those pylons by mashing Circle/B as you did before to power up the gravity thingamajig again. Make your way out now, through a few flying bots.

As you leave, raise that pylon again to remove the energy. Go inside that small room once it’s clear and grab the Golden Spider on the ceiling. Now you can leave.

Drop down to the first floor and engage the new horde of creatures. Dispose of them with Decoys and Roundhouse Spins, what have you. Disable the gravity when you’re done and quickly zip your way up the debris. Look for a platform and zip to that.

Enter the door and go down the path to find another pylon. Raise it and enter the room once the energy field is gone. Zip to a high point on the right wall and enter this vent. It will take you to a hidden room with some Blue Portal Energy. Grab it and leave, then head left, running through the energy field to return to the pylon. Raise it again. Now this time, Web Swing as fast as you can through the hall to safety.

When you reach the next part of the corridor, look for a turret and lure it into firing a missile. Plant a decoy at the locked door on the right. Destroying it will let you access some more energy.

Find another pylon and raise it to pass through. Quickly open the door and enter to find the place where you need to stand to lower the last set of power generators. This turns the gravity way up so you just need to drop down one more time.

Two of the axe-wielding guys will appear. I would recommend ignoring them and just drop down to the first floor again. There you’ll meet some more manageable foes, the zombie guys. Take care of them, then throw the gravity switch.

Now you’re doing a free… flying section? Technically speaking, I guess. Well, anyway, it’s all the same as far as you’re concerned. Dodge the flames, dodge all the moving walls and such. You’ll need to use Dive quite a bit so learn when to adjust from speed to slowing down. Always expect any opening or wall to move on you and be ready to adjust on the fly.

Make it through and you’ll be out of the frying pan and into the gaggle of endless zombie monsters.

You have limited time here, but again, if you can, this is a great chance to get those combo Trophies/Achievements. Eventually, you’ll have to hand control over to Amazing.

Act III – Chapter 4: When Creatures Attack

As Amazing Spider-Man, open the door at the end of this passage. The next couple rooms have some more guards with shields. It’s worth emphasizing again that your best tickets are Triangle/Y and Web Strike (R1/Right Trigger) attacks to break their defenses. Web Hammer also works very well.

In the subsequent room, there will be an easily identifiable blue marker where you should stand and tap Circle/B to open the tanks. Destroy the experiments or “zombies” if you will with some quick combos. Be wary though as three more guards, two with shields, one with one of those time guns will appear behind you. Use Hyper Sense and go for the latter first, trying to break his guard, then launch him into the air for a combo. Use Web Strike to launch at the others and continue that combo.

Go into the next chamber. You can seriously do this room with one giant air combo by using Web Strike (R1/Right Trigger) over and over to launch from one enemy to the next. Gunfire from other foes may end your combo prematurely but you can definitely zip from one flying enemy to the next with this tactic and air combo each of them without ever touching the ground.

Find the experiment pods in the corner and open them like the ones before. Sadly, their life expectancy is quite short when an Amazing Spider fist is coming right at them. Drop down when you’re done with those guys to find two more sets of tanks.

After disposing of the abominable inhabitants, a few more time-traveling Marty McFlys decide to crash the party. Show them the power of love, well, more like the power of a radioactive spider, but there’s love there…! Again, try to link your combos with Web Strike and use frequent air attacks. If you have unlocked them by now (which you should have, Aerial Knock Away and Aerial Ground Slams following a few aerial melee attacks make for good combos.

Go through the following door. You’ll be blocked by more tentacles of that old Atrocity. The one you need to shoot will appear behind you, so back away and use Web Shots to make it go away. Make your way through the next hall and avoid the security drones while trying to grab the energy around the area. Keep going to see a short scene and you’ll be facing the large group of enemies in front of you. Before you jump into that fight, turn around and nab that Golden Spider behind you near the decorative (probably office-fake) plant.

Now for those aforementioned goons… It would seem like a tough fight with some flying foes and those axe-wielding Crashers. Ignore the Crashers and focus on the other enemies. Use Hyper Sense when the Crashers are near and only strike them with Triangle/Y attacks when it is active. When Hyper Sense runs out, go back to the other enemies, keeping your distance (staying in the air preferably) until you can use it again.

With that over, your goal now is to activate some consoles (green when you use Spider Sense). The first one is nearby on this floor, but already occupied by a guard. Hey, ‘scuse me, I just have to check my Facebook real quick. Yeah, I actually wanted to update my status saying I just beat the living daylights out of this really gullible security guard. True story!

Climb up to the upper levels of this room to fight through a few more sparse groups of enemies as you make your way to the other consoles. For the enemies who have the laser cannons, they tend to be very annoying as you most likely already know from facing them a few times thus far. What makes them annoying is they roll away from you very often until they’re just about to attack. Use Web Strike exclusively for these guys.

When you’ve used all the consoles, you have a few things you can do before stepping in the center. On the bottom level and on the top level there are two doors you can lift by tapping Circle/B to get some energy. More importantly, if you stand on the bottom level and face the Alchemax sign on the wall, look high up that wall where the TVs and spotlights are. In the top-right corner of the wall there is a vent, easy to miss. Go inside there and you’ll locate a lonely Golden Spider.

Step into the center of the room now and take a trip. You’ll arrive in a very similar room coincidentally enough, with a strikingly similar goal. You must not only activate a bunch of consoles by beating up legions of poor, poor thugs, but you also have to find the one with that all important key. Easily accomplished with Spider-Sense.

There are some tough fights here though, so be warned. Have Time Paradox ready but keep in mind it doesn’t affect the Crasher enemies and their deadly axes. Try to eliminate all surrounding enemies first, especially those annoying laser guys, then focus on them, using Hyper Sense for all its worth.

Once you’ve cleared the room and used the consoles, step into the center once again. With key in hand, you return to the first room, or at least it seems like it. There are some noticeable changes but this is where you will be making use of that key. First, more baddies of course. Be careful again with the lasers, using Web Strike against them. When you get down to the bottom level, try to strike the large group with Time Paradox and pick them off.

Take the key outside of this room into the hallway and use it on the door there. The immediate corridor after said door is filled with more of those damned appendages. Shoot one in the top-right to open a path. Crawl along the wall to make your way through. Shift from the wall to the ceiling to get past the next few.

At the intersection, you’ll want to clear all the tentacles that show up, of which there are many. Carefully go around them and find the best angle to take a shot. When they’re all gone, look for a path to the left that is almost completely blocked by debris. The only way through is by crawling through the top-right. As you go through, you’ll need to remove even more tentacles, including one you can shoot while crawling on the ceiling.

Act III – Chapter 5: Countdown to Disaster

First, gather the orbs along the walls and ceiling. Then, force open the door. This next large hall will seem very quiet at first. Casually collect all the orbs and open the metal door on the left side of the first floor for some more goodies. Also try to nab that Golden Spider on the ceiling near the entrance.

Eventually, you will be surrounded by a bunch of mechanized guards and two turrets far behind you. Luckily, they’re so strewn about the room that they will not fight you in numbers greater than three or four. Make your way around, smacking the tar out of them with air combos and Roundhouse Spin, combined with your Decoy abilities. When it’s finally clear, stand a good distance away from the turrets and let them fire missiles. Immediately take off running and head for the door. When you get there or whe the missiles are getting way too close, whichever comes first, plant your Decoy to try and remove the lock.

The next room is basically the exact same but now with lasers and 2099 Crashers! Again, it’s in your best interest to clear the room of enemies. Not just to make your life easier, but to get a Golden Spider for it. If the lasers get in your way, try to use Decoy Strike (R1/Right Trigger) to pull enemies toward you where it’s safer and you have more room.

The robotic 2099 Crashers pose a huge threat because there’s two of them. The best method is to use Web Shots. It takes a lot but you can immobilize both of them, for a good amount of time if you upgraded this ability. Use that to take easy hits on both of them. Rinse and repeat.

Once you’ve accomplished that, stand on the perch in front of the turret. Time it with those beeps it makes and quickly zip from one point to the next. Try to be fast and get to the other side while the missile follows. Quickly plant a Decoy at the door to blow it open. It may take a few tries though if the missile hits anything along the way.

Inside here, clear out a few flying enemies and relieve one of them of a key. A forcefield here hides some goodies, but you can’t open until you go into the next chamber. Inside there, there will be a much larger fight which includes a normal Crasher. Use Decoy away from him then attack with Triangle attacks. Alternate your hits on other foes until it recharges, then return to the Crasher.

On the next wave, use your Time Paradox power preferably. Once you defeat them, open the blue door in the corner to find a generator. It powers that force field from earlier so destroy it and go back to get those goodies. Lure a missile to the locked door and use a Decoy to open it.

Traverse the long, foreboding corridor, collecting the orbs. One last fight stands between you and a momentous encounter. It involves another 2099 Crasher, some Black Cat clones, and other baddies. Use Web Shots to disable the Crasher and use that time to take out the others. Time Paradox them if you want, or just use your Decoys and melee combinations.

Once you’re done, go through the door and get a scene. When it’s over, be sure to grab that Golden Spider on the back of the chair. Drop down the pit after that.

What unfolds next will bring you to a dual boss fight. You will be switching back and forth between the two fights so get ready.

Act III – Chapter 6: Over the Edge


The real fight this time. Maintaining the edge in this fight boils down to one very simple rule actually: don’t let him get too close, mmkay? Let him get too close and you’ll pay for it.

Keep your distance, backing away as necessary while you fire constant Web Shots with Circle/B to disable his four tentacles. Be aware of your surroundings though and don’t back into the wall and get yourself cornered.

Keep this up and once the four are disables, he will send them through a portal after you. A column will have raised up though with a zip point on it. Zip to it and wait for the tentacles to come up below you. When they do, jump off and the electrical shock from the column will stun the creature. Close in on it and unleash some Triangle/Y attacks or some of your Special Attacks if you wish.

Just don’t get overanxious and mash the buttons too long. When he recovers he can snatch you if you’re too close. Break away at the first sign of recovery and begin the cycle anew. Also be aware that he will smash his tentacles down in front of you as you’re shooting each one, but if you’re keeping good distance you will not have to worry about this at all.

Keep this up and eventually, the scene will change to the second fight…

As 2099 against the CEO, you have a much more difficult challenge. At the outset, don’t even bother doing anything other than keeping your distance and dodging. He will fire red homing energy missiles at you. Run hard to the side or use Decoy if necessary to avoid them.

Wait it out until a time portal rips through the area and Atrocity’s tentacles appear. A portal will remain in the area. Stand there and lure the CEO into lunging at you from the air. Use a Decoy if necessary and bail out of there. He should get ensnared by the tentacles. This is your window.

Be very warned though. It is a much shorter window than the one with Atrocity. Seriously. If you want to keep one thing in mind for this fight it is this. Do not go crazy attacking him here. Make it a short couple of hits then quickly back away. He gets up very quickly and his counter as he recovers hurts a lot. Avoid this at all costs by just keeping it to a few hits and then running.

Keep up this tactic. It requires some patience due to the fact you can’t get a lot of hits on him each time, but it will keep you alive.

One other important tip is when you are trying to trap him, position yourself properly. By this I mean when he catapults himself at you, he often overshoots his landing and doesn’t get caught. To counter this, stand on the very edge of the time portal facing the CEO. Stand there until he’s about to launch himself at you. He should get caught this way.

Keep your combos short and keep it going until the scene changes again…

The fight with Atrocity continues but now the area is overrun with that nuclear energy or whatever it is. Basically, standing on the floor will slowly build up that energy on you and eventually result in damage. To avoid this, stop the process by simply jumping in the air.

So basically what you want to do here is shoot some Web Shots at his tentacles, jump, shoot, jump, shoot until they’re both down. Two columns will raise. You need to catch one tentacle on each so zip to them and wait for him to attack. Do this on both and you’re free to attack him again as the energy dissipates.

Attack him with your special attacks or just Triangle/Y combos until the scene changes again.

This part with the CEO will feel a little easier… provided you know what to do. Admittedly, it doesn’t seem very obvious at first. You’ll see up to four tentacles appear around the area though, so it’s clear they are necessary. What you need to do is get the CEO near one of them and shoot that tentacle with Web Shots. The reaction will make the tentacle strike the CEO, stunning him for you.

The key is making sure he’s close. The CEO is fast, so Web Swing if necessary to put some distance between you. Plant a Decoy near a tentacle and wait for him to come over. Shoot that tentacle an dit will smash him. Now, unleash a quick combo on him. You can actually get in one or two more hits than you could before. Still, don’t go crazy and escape when he’s getting up. Repeat this process, going around the room to each subsequent tentacle and letting it cripple him for you.

Eventually, the scene shifts back to the Amazing and Atrocity show. This will be the end of that fight, however. Just attack Atrocity with any melee attacks of your choosing and it will force him up against the gate. Keep it up to switch back over yet again.

Again, this just felt easier and easier to me. Face off with the CEO one last time and use your Decoy ability. Let him attack the Decoy while you get behind him and combo him with some melee. When he turns around, back away until Decoy is ready again, then repeat the process.

Eventually he will turn and run, fleeing atop the gate as a large laser beam begins to charge. The laser does massive damage and will kill you if you’re careful. Plant a Decoy that the laser will aim at. Get in close to the gateway but not too close and shoot Web Shots at the CEO. This should knock him down and stun him. Use this opportunity to attack him with more combos.

You’ll likely need to do this again. Use Decoy, get behind him, smashy smashy, then dodgy dodgy the laser by using Decoy again, then finally, shooty shooty with your webs to knock him down and deliver the final blow. There will be another Quick Time Event prompt (Circle/B) so hit that, then tap the button until you send Mr. CEO on a long overdue vacation.

And with that, you have beaten Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Congratulations!

Big thanks to Gocalibergaming for the walkthrough videos.

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