Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough – Act II

Act II – Chapter 1: Back From the Dead

After the cutscene, you’ll be controlling Amazing again, except things will be very trippy. Wait it out and when things are normal again, proceed out the door.

Following the next cutscene, return back into the very same room you started in. Now however, there is a strange appendage hanging down. Shoot Web Shots (Circle) at it to make it go away. Go through the door it was blocking.

Inside here, shoot at another tentacle to get rid of it. Look for a Golden Spider above the computer console in this room. Follow the orbs out into another area.

The tentacle blocking the door here can’t be shot at from the ground. Look for the obvious path on the wall to your left to climb up, following the orbs. Go all the way to the top, turn right, and there you are! Fire! Drop down when it’s gone and continue.

Be careful in the hall, as a smaller tentacle will come out and smash the floor, then disappear. You come to a fork now with a turret. Shoot webbing at it, then some melee reduces it to scrap. The path ahead is blocked. Go left, where the orbs are. You have to web swing through a few times to reach the other side. Try to nab the orbs as you go. When you reach safe ground, you should be able to see another mechanized tentacle to shoot. Now, return to the fork.

Take the other path, the right one. As you enter this small room, first shoot the tentacle on your left with more webbing. Then, turn around and look up at the top of the doorway you just passed through. Another Golden Spider is your reward.

Return to the center and the middle path is unblocked. Grab the Portal Energy and look out for more sudden attacks as you navigate the hallway. In the following room, time will once again play tricks on you. First thing’s first. From where you enter, look to the small platform on your immediate left. Under that platform is another HIDDEN SPIDER.

You’ll also notice you need security keys, three to be exact. Start by using the zip points to reach the top-left corner and climb up the wall into a small room with a single enemy. Hit him with a combo of Triangle attacks to put him down easily and nab the key. Also, spot the tentacle up here and hit it with Web Shots.

Drop down that shaft it was in and beat up another unsuspecting guard to grab another key. Also jam on his keyboard (well, not that kind of keyboard) to get some Portal Energy.

Go back into the main part of the room and go to the other corner, top-right. Use the zip points to get into position to shoot at another tentacle, unblocking the path to the final guard and key.

Use those keys to enter a very large jungle-like room. It can be difficult to follow where you need to go due to its size but we’ll try to keep it simple. There are a few platforms nearby with enemies and turrets, the latter of which you should always focus on first.

There is also a tall spire with many zip points and orbs leading downward. Follow this path and there will be a blue door that you can go through. Follow this to a room with the first Atomic Battery you need to collect. Enemies will appear in the main part of the room, including those laser-firing lizards. Use Hyper Sense and R1/Right Trigger attacks to try and take them out first.

You need to activate the three consoles, two of which are in the top corners of the room and the third in the center. The corner ones are guarded by more enemies so be ready.

Once all three consoles are active, interact with the center column to grab the battery. Beat up some more enemies and then leave. Feel free to explore the really big jungle room; there are plenty of orbs to collect. There’s also a Golden Spider outside the room with the first battery you just collected. Near that door, you should see a rock column/spire that has a blue force field in the base. To lower that force field, search the room for another rock column/spire that has a generator inside of it. Destroy it and the force field will be gone.

Again, direction is hard to convey in such a large room, but use Spider Sense to help you find your way. There will be another battery behind a door in the middle level of the room, roughly. Inside the consoles will be guarded by turrets so use Web Shots to stun them, then use L1/Left Trigger near the large explosive canisters to throw them. Do this especially for the wall turret guarding the top-left console. Activate all three and grab the battery. One more to go.

As you return to the big room again, turn left and start going up one level, using the zip points to guide you. You should come across one more door, guarded by lasers. Use Hyper Sense to pass by and find the last battery. To get this one, you need to keep using Hyper Sense to slip by the lasers and activate the consoles. Do this without getting singed once and you’ll get a challenge.

Just be patient and observe. Watch how the lasers move and recognize what your window of opportunity is. Slipping by is easy. You need to realize when you’ll be safe standing at the console for those brief seconds because Hyper Sense will wear off. Activate all three and grab the last battery. Mission accomplished!

The easy part is over. Find the exit door (green marker) by using Spider Sense. When you return to this old room, you find a new exit made for you below. There is also a timer ticking down to your imminent demise. Yay imminent demise! Oh, wait, that’s bad…

Drop down the tunnel below and you’ll come to a corridor filled with zip points and tentacles. Zip your way through and then start climbing walls. Tentacles will appear, so use Web Shots to disband them. Continue swinging and zipping until you return to that fork from before. Follow the orbs and keep following to return to where this chapter started.

In here, a few last tentacles stand between you and not blowing up. Face the pods in this room, opposite from the exit door. Now turn right to find a hiding tentacle in the corner you can shoot. This clears most of the others out, letting you shoot another that will clear the path completely. Return to the time gate and get a scene.

Act II – Chapter 2: Here There Be Monsters

Start off by using Time Paradox if possible. Next, try to remove the shielded gunners first as they are very annoying. Use Decoys frequently and Triangle/Y and R1/Right Trigger attacks to put them down.

Now you have to raise the three columns (indicated by the blue circles around the area). After each one, a mob of enemies will materialize into the area. Try to think of this as another good time to practice your combat skills again.

The shielded foes are by far the most annoying, followed by the ones with the time-distorting guns that stun you. Triangle attacks are always best on both of these guys, as well as R1 attacks. Get into the habit of letting Decoy buy you time to do Web Strike attacks or Web Shots so that you don’t have to break a combo. Any time you see laser sights pointed at you, activate Decoy if it’s available and go after the gunners to stay unharmed. Also, if you gather enemies in a tight crowd, use Decoy and then Roundhouse Spin to do good damage to them all.

Once all three are raised, stand near but not in the center. Look for a prompt to hit Circle and you’ll enter a free-fall sequence. Like before, keep your movements really, really simple. Just nudge the Left Analog Stick rather than press on it to dodge all the obstacles, paying attention to the blue indicator that says you are in the way of an oncoming object.

When that’s over, beat up a few more guards in the next room. Again, R1 and Triangle Attacks, Web Shots, etc. Use Time Paradox if you have it. Once it’s clear, open the door nearby by tapping Circle. Break open another door just in here with your fists, revealing a vent.

Crawling through the vent takes you beneath the floor of the last room. Navigate the mostly straight-forward path, waiting for lasers to pass before moving on. Before entering the next vent, turn right and grab some Red Portal Energy.

You’ll be taken to another room. Grab all the orbs, then get the attention of the turret. Once it fires a missile, run to the door across from it and plant a Decoy there quickly.

You’ll reach a console in the previous room. Activate it and look for an opening in the floor on the other side. Exit to the left and drop down there for more freefalling.

When that’s over, you’ll come to a room that needs three security keys. Climb the wall to your left and make your way over to a shaft with pipes and drop down. There will be three paths, three doors, three fights, three keys. Try to use Time Paradox in the first fight so that you might recharge it by the last one. Use Decoys and hit all the shielded enemies with Triangle or R1 attacks. If you can corner a group of enemies up against a wall, use Decoy and then Roundhouse Spin for a brutal combo.

With all keys in hand, return to the intersection room and open the door. You will find another console that will open another free-fall path for you. Leave this room but don’t go to the new free-fall path yet. Drop down to the lowest level of this room and look for a door. Go through and destroy the generator you find. Now, return to the intersection room where you got all the keys. Two force fields will be lowered now, letting you take some Blue Portal Energy and a Golden Spider.

This next free-fall section isn’t much you haven’t already done. Just pay a lot of attention to the blue indicator to see what’s in your way down the line. Dive when there’s nothing in your way and when you near the end with the closing gates to make it through.

At the bottom, enter the archives room and approach the large door for a quick scene. After that, go back out and find six thugs ready to party. What can I get for you gentlemen? Oh, just some… PUNCH!

It’s a pretty easy fight, so just use Decoys and go after the flying enemy first with some quick Triangle attacks. Once it’s over, get close enough to the turret until it shoots a missile. Quickly run to the door and plant a decoy there to open it.

Inside, bust the generator and collect the orbs. Also be sure to get the Golden Spider hanging out on the far side of the left mainframe.

Exit out of this room and the next to return to where you landed. Turn left and go through the two very tall doors to find a large lobby-like area with a statue. Meanwhile, Amazing is in some big trouble and you’ve got very little time to help.

Basically what you want to do is ignore all the fights as possible. All of them. Use Spider Sense to locate the three consoles you need to activate to open a door on the first floor, a door that leads to saving Amazing Spider-Man.

Enter one of the doors adjacent to each console and ignore whatever’s inside, the exception being the room with the four turrets. Destroy at least three of them by using Web Shots and melee. Pry open the door and use the console. Ignore any grunt enemies guarding the other two. Once all three are activated, drop down and go through the door.

The path will be blocked so go through the door on the right and open up a vent by punching the door inside. Crawl through and exit back out into the main corridor. Use Decoy to slow down time and carefully dodge the lasers. Or, if you are pressed for time, just rush through and suck up whatever damage you take. Use the console at the end.

Act II – Chapter 3: Cause and Effect

After O’Hara gives you a hand, you have to activate a few consoles while avoiding the spinning column with lasers. Each time you use a console, more lasers will activate. Use Hyper Sense when lasers are about to bear down on you so you can use the console while they pass by harmlessly. Activate them all, use Hyper Sense again and run for the exit.

You’ll come to a dead end. You need to find a way to lower the force field. A breakable door soon appears though, granting you access to a new room.

In that said room, swing across the room to a platform with a few enemies. Use Hyper Sense and R1 + Triangle (Right Trigger + Y) attacks to best them. Take a security key off one of their shambled corpses. You’ll be looking for a room nearby (use Spider Sense) that has a console inside. Use the key to get inside. In that corridor, dodge the security beam, waiting for it to move to the side. Activate that console, which will in turn, open a timed door. Flee this area and hurry to that door.

Once inside, you’ll need to dodge even more security beams. Just use Hyper Sense to get by them. At the end, there will be a door you need to force open guarded by one more security beam. This one goes around the door and up the walls so wait for it to move before opening it.

Keep going and use Hyper Sense to slip by the lasers to the generator. Destroy it and get ready for a fight. Time Paradox is great if you have it. Try to go after the guy with the time-distorting gun first. After that, use Hyper Sense and strong Triangle-infused combos to lay down the rest.

Now directly underneath you is a Golden Spider. Go outside this room and find a way to climb underneath that area. Look for the shining blue cables and crawl along them to get under that room. There you will find it.

Exit through the door leading back to the force field which is now gone of course. Go down the corridor, collecting the orbs on the right wall if you wish. Enter the next door. As soon as you enter, turn left and climb that wall to find a Golden Spider. Listen to the voice for a bit and then get ready for another big fight.

It’s more of those damn lizard things. You have a challenge of beating a bunch without taking more than six hits. Use Time Paradox to help you there. Still, one big annoyance is, strangely enough, the smaller ones who shoot lasers. Go after them first with Hyper Sense and Triangle Attacks. Use Time Paradox again if you charge it up. Otherwise, try to attack large crowds at once with your Triangle Attacks or special attacks.

A door eventually reveals itself, but you can keep fighting until the last one falls. Open that door with some brute strength and follow the path to reach a familiar room.

Your goal is to defeat all the enemies and grab their keys. Do it quickly enough to earn another challenge. There’s not much to it here. Just keep in mind the helpful tactics like using R1 to quickly pull yourself toward enemies and keep a combo going, R1 and Triangle to get past defenses. Air combos (hold Triangle if you have Air Launcher) will help add tons of damage. Hyper Sense to keep them off balance, and if you want, Time Paradox.

Go floor by floor, defeating each foe you come across. Two of the keys will be held by mechs with swords. They don’t flinch from your attacks so Hyper Sense coupled with Triangle attacks will help. When Hyper Sense runs out, focus on normal enemies, ignoring the mech, then return when it recharges.

Drop back down once you have all three keys and fight off one last mob of guards. Use the keys after that. Finally, stand in the center of the blue holograms to trigger a scene.

Act II – Chapter 4: MJ on the Run

Run down the corridor and shoot the tentacles that are in your path. For some others, just stand by and wait for them to clear out of your way. Keep going and shoot another tentacle and open the door that was behind it.

Back in the statue room, you’ll watch a very short scene, then be tasked with the classic damsel in distress objective. Make your way up to that door that you saw her at and enter. Try to remove the tentacles first with Web Shots, then use Decoys and Air Launcher combos to defeat the lizards. One gives you a key that will open the other door in here.

Make your way across the room while also going up one floor. The door you approach becomes blocked unfortunately. A door opens down below on the previous floor. Look for the big force fields, the door is right next to it. Go inside and smash the generator and smash the faces of anyone who gets in your way. Go for the shield guys and lizards first. Use Air Launchers and air combos, or Decoy + Roundhouse Spin combo to do good damage.

Once the generator is down, go back outside and hang a quick right to remove the two tentacles that are blocking the door on the third floor. Collect the orbs, then go back up there and through the door.

This room is very annoying. The lizards will be your opponents and it’s always the smaller ones that make you want to pull your hair out. They like to perch atop the bookcases and fire lasers down at you. Try to lure the bigger ones away so that you can target the small ones only and not target anything else. Pull them down and melee them, then use Decoys and your other techniques to slay the rest.

Exit by forcing the door open. Go down the hall and turn right to return to the big room. Before doing anything, go to the top of the room, close to the ceiling and look for a tentacle sticking out. Shoot it to make it go away and find a Golden Spider there.

Now drop down a bit and look for the opening in the glass to slip inside. Crawl up this wall and shoot the two tentacles to clear the path above. Get out and climb up there. Run through the door into the corridor.

Run down to the end and shoot the tentacle there when you’re done talking with Mary Jane. Hop over the one behind you and look for a shaft on your left. Drop inside and climb the wall to find a Golden Spider. Now exit and keep going back the way you came, down the corridor. You’ll need to crawl along the wall and ceiling to get around the tentacles. Look for yet another shaft, this time on your right and enter. Crawl up the wall and shoot the tentacle to make them all go away… well almost.

Use Decoy to slow down time and slip past all the tentacles, but be careful of the ones that appear and smash the ground. They might knock you into the other ones which can hurt even more. Reach Mary Jane for a scene.

This will begin a free-fall section, and an intense one at that. The most basic and useful tip here is to know when and when not to hold X/A to Dive. When you’re dodging lots of tentacles and other obstacles constantly, slow down and allow yourself more maneuverability. When it’s more straight away and less crowded, speed up by diving.

You’ll need to reach the elevator three times. Dive to close the gap and hit Circle when prompted. The first two times you’ll need to tap Circle repeatedly. When you catch up to the elevator a third time, you’ll be able to save her.

After that, walk along the path and listen to the dialogue. Eventually, the scene, or rather, time, will change and you’ll be switching over just in time to…

Act II – Chapter 5: Claws of the Cat


Surprising, huh? This fight is tricky at first because she tends to be very annoyingly difficult to hit. When her hands start to flash red, she’s about to attack or pounce on you. Try to avoid it or use Hyper Sense in a flash to get out of the way. If you can catch her right at the end of her combo, you might be able to get some hits in on her. A good way to hit her before she evades you again, is to use R1/Right Trigger once she is done attacking. Do that and start hitting her for a short combo.

Keep in mind she’ll often counter you, indicated by when a red flash of light starts to appear around her body. You’re probably tempted to just mash on the attack buttons so if you want to avoid her retaliation, keep your button pressing simple. Just attack a few times, rather than mashing the button constantly. This will give you the leeway to avoid her as she tries to strike back.

When trying to hit her at the end of her normal attack string and not wanting to use Hyper Sense, just keep backing away as she cartwheels and flips toward you. Avoiding the first attack doesn’t mean anything if she got close enough to hit you with the next one. Wait til it’s over and use R1/Right Trigger to grab her and close in, following it with more melee attacks.

If Black Cat jumps in the air and holds there, use R1 to interrupt her attack and try to launch a quick air combo on her. Do this whenever you see her jump into the air.

Eventually, after you deplete her health, her clones will show up, the first three at once. Treat them like normal enemies. Keep an eye on them at all times and use Hyper Sense when you recognize an attack incoming. Hold Triangle/Y for Air Launchers and use quick air combos on them. R1 will not only help string your combos together, it’s a good escape as well.

Lay them down, then the last four, one of whom has a key, will appear. Go about it the same way and mix up your attacks and make good use of Hyper Sense. Eventually, you’ll come out victorious.

After that, unlock the door and watch the very shocking scene that plays. No, not shocking in 2099’s terms, but the normal kind of, holy crap, that just happened shocking.

Enter the door in front of you following that and feel free to examine all the displays here. Sadly, you can’t do much more than that. Go into the next room and crawl up the wall and into the vent. Break through the next door.

Defeat a few enemies here and then make your way up the platforms to the opening in the corner. Crawl along the ceiling in this corridor to avoid the guards and the security scanners. Do drop down however halfway through where the blue glass door is. Defeat any nearby guards first, then open that door and destroy the generator inside. Return to the previous room and drop down to find the lowered force field where a Golden Spider awaits. Return to that corridor again and follow it all the way to a console.

You now have to backtrack through that corridor to find the timed door that just opened. The path is filled with enemies though and that will easily slow you down. Choose to defeat them all first, then reactivate the door, or just ignore them and go for it now. Use Hyper Sense to pass by the lasers and then drop down into that previous room. Find the door and make your way out.

The next hallway will suddenly change on you into a crawling section. To meet the challenge here, avoid the security drones. Hyper Sense is available to let you make that task easier, but it’s not really necessary. Look for zip points to help you move from one stretch to the next. Unfortunately, the camera angles are less than agreeable. Strangely, I found that tilting my head helped a little. A little, at least.

Be very careful in the next room. The biggest threat here, believe or not, is not the giant mech, but the smaller bots that have laser cannons. They hurt a lot when they all fire at you. Try to catch them all in Time Paradox, but that can be difficult. Use R1 to launch yourself at them, then use Air Launcher and some air combos to really hurt them. Try to distribute your attacks to all of them to avoid them using those lasers. As for the mech, turn Hyper Sense on, then back off when it’s inactive to avoid being pulverized. Keep that up until it goes down.

There’s a door you need to tap Circle to open. Opposite of that door however is another door that can be broken open. It has a Golden Spider inside. Take it, then make your merry way out.

You’ll return to another familiar room, but wait, there’s more! Now comes with Boss Battle!


Start by following the trail of blue light to find her. She’ll appear on some platforms but quickly disappear leaving another trail. It coincides with a lot of zip points and orbs so grab those along the way.

Eventually, you’ll get down to the bottom and down to business. Her clones will join in this time. If you’re looking to meet the optional challenge, focus on them first. A good way to defeat them without worrying too much about Black Cat herself is to use R1 to launch at them, then Air Launcher and an air combo.

A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to focus just on the clones anyway. When the real Black Cat is about to attack, activate Hyper Sense and start targeting her instead. When that red flash appears though, stop your attacks and back away.

She’s a little harder to hit this time around, so try to make your main strategy attacking through Hyper Sense. It protects you and gives you a better chance to damage her. If you can manage to get her into the air though, that provides you with even more possibilities of dealing big damage. If she ever jumps into the air to launch her projectiles, launch yourself at her with R1 and combo her.

Defeating her doesn’t end it sadly. Follow her blue light trail again. It will lead to another platform eventually, and the second part of the fight. This time she fights with three clones but it’s the same exact strategy. In addition, there is a large Red Portal Energy pick-up to heal you should you need it.

Keep up the same tactics. Focus on the clones if you want and use Hyper Sense when Black Cat tries to interrupt you, then let her have it. If you catch her without Hyper Sense and she prepares her counter, activate it there and you can counter her back. Try to air combo her clones while your Hyper Sense recharges, then use it again to get more hits in.

Eventually she flees again to another platform. Follow her again and prepare for another showdown, with, you guessed it, four clones at once. If you saved Time Paradox, use it here. You should be able to deplete a massive portion of Black Cat’s life with it. From there, just try to avoid her while you let your Hyper Sense charge, using it each time to hit her with some quick combos. Keep up your attacks and eventually, this kitty will be… declawed.

After the scene, you should be facing a door in the distance that needs a key. What a coincidence! We have one! Swing over there and open it up. In the next also familiar room, make your way along the zip points to find that upper room from before. Inside will be a tentacle to shoot. That will clear the path at the bottom of the room, letting you drop down the pit.

In the sewers, shoot the tentacles and clear the way. Zip from one point to the next. Be wary of the tentacles that appear to knock you off the perches. Try to wait for them to disappear and time your movements appropriately. You’ll reach a wall you need to crawl up. More tentacles appear every few seconds in set locations so just patiently wait for them to disappear. Take it very slowly and do not rush. Getting knocked down the wall sucks.

After you make it through, turn left and swing across the gap to find some Red Portal Energy and a Golden Spider on the ceiling above it. Go back across and take the other path. After swinging through you return to that old intersection. Carefully grab the Blue Portal Energy and then turn right.

Again, I advise you take it slow through these next few rooms. Several of those annoying tentacles that smash the ground will be lining the path to your goal. Wait for them to vanish, then use Web Shots on the other tentacles to open up your paths. In the last room, where Spider-Man woke up, first search for a tentacle to the right of the door and shoot it. Another set appears, with the one you need to shoot in the opposite corner. The last one will be on the ceiling above Spider-Man’s pod. Crawl up there or double jump and hold X, then do Web Shots as you’re falling.

Return to the time gate. Watch the scene and the conclusion of Act II.