Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Our Spider-Man: Edge of Time walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this action follow-up for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. The game is also available for DS and 3DS.

Spider-Man faces one of his greatest challenges of all time in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the follow-up to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions by developer Beenox and publisher Activision.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is rated T for Teen, so please note that viewers must be at least 13 years old or older to watch. Spider-Man: Edge of Time contains: Mild Language, Suggestive Themes and Violence.

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Spider-Man: The Edge of Time Walkthrough

In Spider-Man: Edge of Time players are challenged through 17 chapters (in 3 acts) to take the role of two different Spider-Men, classic Amazing Spider-Man and future Spider-Man 2099 in an adventure to prevent a catastrophy from destroying the future and the present and prevent the untimely death of Peter Parker.

Players can take part in a “focused, action-packed adventure: that is set in two connected but also evolving timelines. Classic Spider-Man prevents contemporary times while Spider-Man 2099 features a corrupted future. Meanwhile the game offers a “rich, tightly crafted” narrative from acclaimed Marvel veteran Peter David who is the co-creator of the Spider-Man 2099 comic book series.

Players can expect new cause and effect gameplay where players will witness immediate and sometimes unexpected effects of their choices and actions from timeline to the other.

Key Game Features:

  • You Must Save Peter Parker! – A mysterious and nefarious villain is out to unravel the worlds of classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 by killing Peter Parker in the past. This would result in a chaotic, dystopian future. Both Spider-Men have to overcome their differences and cooperate to prevent the disastrous new world order of the future.
  • Change the Future by Changing the Past – “Cause-and-effect” gameplay makes a debut in Spider-Man: Edge of Time with moments that force the player to choose where to take the story and live with the consequences. Picture-in-Picture graphics enhance the visual aspect of the game and the interaction between the two universes. This neat feature allows players to see the immediate effects of one Spider-Man’s actions to the other.
  • Race Against Time in an Epic Adventure – A rick, complex story by Marvel veteran Peter David (co-creator of Spider-Man 2099 who you can play as in Spider-Man: Edge of Time) and offers players a thrilling, action-packed adventure with a deep storyline with two universes that are unique and different. And through a timespan of nearly a century.
  • Harness the Unique Abilities of Each Spider-Man – The combat system has been refined from the last game and the distinct fighting styles of each character are the highlight. A new “Hyper-Sense” mode for classic Amazing Spider-Man is introduced that offers fast and acrobatic action. While Spider-Man 2099 gets the Accelerated Decoy ability making him technologically advanced.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough – Prologue: An Unwilling Witness To An Execution

Hello true believers. Ryne here with Spider-Man: Edge of Time for you. This walkthrough will try and help you through the latest Spider-Man game developed by Beenox. If you played Shattered Dimensions last year and enjoyed it, you will probably like this one even more.

Well, shall we get started?

You’ll soon be in control of your Friendly Neighborho–oh my goodness, WHAT IS THAT?!


Oh, yeah… him. The camera will be fixed at a particular “dramatic” angle here and your movement left or right is also fixed to go around this big guy. As you might expect, a tutorial will break you into the basics. Those who have already played Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions can now feel free to shake off the cobwebs (oh hey, there’s a pun!)

Hit Square (X for 360) to do some melee attacks. Triangle (Y) for ranged web attacks. Just mix these up and try to attack this white chocolate punching bag. He’ll swipe back every so often and there won’t be a whole lot you can do at some points. Just… roll with the punches, literally.

You’ll also be taught the “Hyper Sense” which is activated with L2 or Left Button for 360. Use that to slooooooow everything down and evade attacks easily with the Left Analog Stick. Anti-Venom is very susceptible in this state so strike back and then use it again if he charges you.

Keep this up and a scene will take over. Eventually you’ll be many decades into the worrrrrlllld of tomorrrroooooowww!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough – Act I

Act I – Chapter 1: Things Fall Apart

Consider this opening an interactive cinematic. Cinematic is actually a good word because, for those of you who played Shattered Dimensions, you’ll notice a stark contrast here between the two games. Edge of Time easily makes it known that it is going for better presentation, more cinematic and intrusive camera angles.

As such, you won’t need any help here. Just start by using the Left Analog Stick to move toward the camera and then keep going as it swivels around and such.

Eventually, you’ll get to a room with a short cutscene. After that, be ready as the character below begins to sweep the room electronically to discover any other people lurking about… like you!

The warning sign is a large orange light that forms a grid under your feet. That is your cue to move out of the way. A larger orange block of light will fly up from the floor below to where that grid was. Be gone by the time it gets up there.

After that, go into the next passage, once again crawling until you reach the next room. There will be more scanning, but this time, they will cover two sections of the floor at once. There will be room in the center for you to avoid the first wave. The next two will cover most of the floor, leaving you with less room. Be sure to recognize as fast as possible where the grids are and move out of the way.

One more corridor and then you’ll be let out (free as a bird!) into a larger room. As you exit, turn left and grab the blue sphere there to collect some Portal Energy. It’s used for upgrading combat abilities.

Go the other way now toward the purple orbs. They are the same as the blue one, just smaller. Jump with X (A for 360) and then hit it again, but then hold it this time. Spider-Man will boost himself up with his web. Use this traverse the structure in front of you.

As you approach the large gap, hold R2/Right Button to swing over and collect the orbs on the way. There will be a door on your left, but be sure to collect the orbs in front of you first.

In this room, grab the Portal Energy orbs and start web swinging again with R2. As you swing forward, let go and then hold R2 again to start a new swing. This will let you get across the room to another platform and another door.

Here, you’ll be reintroduced (or just introduced) to a mechanic from Shattered Dimensions, web-zipping. When you see that yellow cursor appear on small perches you can tap R2 to zip to it fast. They are all outlined easily with the Portal Energy Orbs in front of them.

After a few jumps, hold forward on the Left Analog Stick and hit X (A for 360) off the next perch to get a boost, then swing until you’re within range and zip again to another landing. From here, hold X/A to jump up on the platform to your left.

Continue to follow the trail of orbs and grab the Golden Spider before taking off, then swing toward the far wall. Look for that yellow cursor on the wall to indicate another zip-point and tap R2. Crawl up the wall, going around the obstacles and then climb up to the top. Now stop once you reach the top and turn around. You should see a big platform across from you. Swing across to grab another Golden Spider

Move toward the next wall to crawl up and over. Go through the next door and collect all the orbs on the cables and such. After you do that, look for the blue glass door on the other side of the room. It’s a glass door that has a painted circle with a dot in the center. Approach this door and interact, mashing Circle/B to open it. Inside you can collect another Golden Spider, then drop down the pit in the center.

Following another crazy scene, you’ll be back in control. Use Spider-Man 2099’s ability to create decoys to your advantage here. Hit L2 (or Left Trigger for 360) and use them to fool the automated guns and their homing missiles. You want to place your decoy in a specific spot though. Stand in front of the door with the big red glowing lock and hit L2/LT there when the missiles begin to lock onto you. They should blow the door open, allowing you to continue.

Here you’ll get a taste of combat. Use Square, Triangle, and R1 to attack (or X, Y, and Right Trigger), Circle/B to shoot webs and stop some foes momentarily. To avoid getting attacked when you’re surrounded, keep using those decoys and punish the slowed enemies. Decoys are especially useful when the gunners show up in a bit.

Take them all down for another Golden Spider. Now, zip to the perch in the middle of the room and watch what unfolds.

Act I – Chapter 2: Wild Cards

In the saddle as Amazing Spider-Man, albeit, slightly time-altered, you will want to head out into the hallway to investigate a disturbance. An explosion goes off, and you’ll be disoriented for a bit. When you can, proceed down the hall.

A guard will appear and you’ll be prompted to use Amazing’s Spider-Sense (D-Pad down). This will show you certain information, such as a guard, like this guy, who is carrying a security key. Give him a beating and grab the key. Before leaving however, look up the wall on your right. There is an opening up there. Climb the wall and go inside to find a hidden room with another Golden Spider .

Open the door with Circle/B. In this next room, you can zip around to a lot of different points to collect all the orbs. Try to do so and quickly as possible for a challenge. Eventually though, you’ll want to go pay some mind to those guards down below. Mix up your Square and Triangle attacks, along with your Web Shots (Circle) to keep them all off balance. Use L2/Left Button to activate Hyper Sense too to get a huge advantage.

Beat them all down and finish collecting. Also, before leaving, climb up to where the large Alchemax globe is above the exit. Behind it you can find another Golden Spider.

Mash circle at the door to open it. In here, collect some more Portal Energy orbs and zip up to the pipe. Follow it around, getting more orbs until you face a wall with a yellow zip cursor. Stop here. Drop down and go to your left. Behind this large obstruction, on the wall, is another Golden Spider. Climb back up and zip to that point you saw before on the wall.

Start climbing, then when an explosion goes off, you’ll veer a bit to the right. There will be a red/brown wall to climb up and then down. Zip to another perch above some red lasers and look for more Portal Energy orbs to collect. Zip to another spot around the corner and crawl along the wall to your left.

Be sure to grab some more orbs first. Do not go into the open vent in the wall or else you’ll miss the orbs.

As you get out of said vent, grab some more orbs on your left, then zip to the yellow cursors to grab more. After the first zip, turn around and zip to the wall behind you and climb up.

Zip forward to the door that is protected by a force field. Turn right and find another zip point there. You’ll go around the room to a pipe which has some red lasers combing it so tread carefully. Zip to the perch in front of some doors that have been… violently opened to put it mildly.

In this corridor, use Hyper Sense (L2) to bypass all the laser grids. Collect the Red Portal Energy at the end before leaving.

The following room will throw a few guards at you. Shoot webs at the one with the gun to keep him stunned. The others are fairly aggressive so use Hyper Sense to get in some easy shots and keep them off you. One will hold a key that will let you get out of here.

Unlock the door leading to the generator. Inside, beat up said generator like it just offended someone in your immediately family. Once it’s down, you are prompted to upgrade.

Your first upgrade will be Time Paradox, which is free. You probably won’t have enough Portal Energy for anything else, but you can use Golden Spiders to grab something for Spider-Man 2099 if you please.

Use Time Paradox by clicking both sticks and all the foes around you will be frozen and completely vulnerable. You can use it whenever that purple spider at the top-left is filled and refill it by busting more heads. Nifty!

Outside the generator room, more bad guys get in your way. Collect another Golden Spider by beating these guys. Time Paradox will help you here but be smart about using it. Notice that it only affects a small radius around you, so it won’t affect guys on the other side of the room. Use Web Shots to stun any gunners or distant foes, then hit R1 to pull yourself in for the kill. Make sure you get them all, and make sure to grab the Blue Portal Energy in a now open door on the side of the room.

When the danger is over, return to the laser corridor. The lasers are now moving toward you. Use Hyper Sense and web swing to try to overcome all of them. The force field in this old room will be down, allowing you access. Grab the Red Portal Energy in the center first by zipping to the cable, then to the platform.

Pass through the new door into another large mall-like area. Find your enemies and try to get a 10x combo against them in 30 seconds for another challenge. Make good use of Hyper Sense, Triangle attacks, and R1 attacks.

You’ll need three keys to get out of here, so use Spider Sense (D-Pad down) to locate who has them. In these combat situations, if you see enemies surrounding you, ready to prepare an attack, alternate your own attacks. Use the Left Analog Stick to alternate your attack direction to keep all the enemies honest. Of course, Hyper Sense will always be a huge help too.

When you have all the keys, don’t go to the door just yet. Return to the side of the room where you entered from. High above the entrance is another vent. Go inside to find another Golden Spider.

Now, just collect Portal Energy orbs to your heart’s content and exit through the security door. Here, you’ll need to climb around some debris. Cling to the wall and go around it to find some guards. Use Hyper Sense and whack them around a bit, then use Spider Sense to try to figure out where to go. Face the wall that has a long vertical window. To the left of this window is more debris. That is where you need to go, so climb around that and go past some more lasers to continue.

The Portal Energy orbs will help guide you so climb up to them and follow them to get through this path. Drop down to fight some more enemies. Use Time Paradox here to put them out of commission and then exit through the door.

Follow this next corridor until it brings you to a few more guards. These are the guys with the “time-warping” guns that stun you for a while. It’s… pretty annoying. Try to use R1 attacks mostly. You can zip at them from far away with it and follow up with some Square attacks, or get in close and use R1 to grab them instead.

Now you have two minutes to save Spider-Man 2099 by disabling a giant mech robot in the next room. Go through the doors and look for the blue indicator on the ground. Stand there and mash circle. Now you have to do this two more times.

Travel upwards by using the zip points. Look for the other two blue indicators. Be sure to clear the immediate area of guards though. This is very important. You want to take out the gunners particularly because they can stop you from destroying the mech. Hit them with quick Triangle attacks and clear the area to do your work.

When you’re done, the danger is averted. You’ll then switch….

Act I – Chapter 3: No Way Out

You’ll be confronted with several guards. Use your decoys at the start and get to punchin’! Switch up your moves and use R1/RB attacks to keep your combo going by hitting distant foes.

When you defeat them, turn your eyes to the two turrets on the other side of the room. As you did earlier, place a decoy in front of the door when they shoot the homing missiles to help destroy the lock.

In the following room, there will be two levels and two floating turrets firing lasers. Avoid them and collect the Portal Energy Orbs. From the start, get yourself on the second level walkway and to the right. Look for another of those glass doors to open. Inside is a computer you can interact with for energy, and an easy-to-miss Golden Spider in the corner on the wall.

Through the next door, you’ll notice the area has a fiery pit that will damage you, of course. As you enter, climb the wall on your immediate right. There is a glass path up above that you can crawl along into the corner. This will let you into the other room that you can also access through the door. Collect the orbs and in this other room, keep climbing along the path.

Return to the big central room again and go to the other corner where there is another glass path on the ceiling. Crawl along this to another secret room for more orbs. Interact with the computer with Circle and then exit.

Use your Spider Sense to find the next door and enter for another big fight. This will be a long one, so use decoys as soon as they become available and try to string a big combo together. Alternate your attacks and use decoy when they are about to hit you. If you are able, try to use Air Launcher (hold Triangle/Y) and then follow it up with other attacks to start developing some combos that you can practice as the game goes on.

Once they’re done, return to the previous room. Plant a Decoy to avoid the attacks of the sentry drones. Use some quick combos on the guards, then open the door on the right with your newly acquired key.

In here, again, you have two levels. Collect orbs, beat up the guards, pretty simple. Make use of 2099’s Decoy Strike (R1/Right Trigger) to pull enemies toward you. Helpful for foes on adjacent walkways or at certain distances. Also, look for another blue glass door on the left side of the room on the second level. Open it up and make your way around the lasers to a computer (interact for energy). Above that computer, on the ceiling, is another Golden Spider. When you’re done, leave and find the door at the end. Mash Circle/B to exit.

You’ll need another security key. Venture left into another room, following the orbs. First, beat up all the thugs here, using Decoys of course. If you bought any upgrades for combat, use those as well to vary your combos. None of these guys has a key though.
After that, look for another glass door immediately to your left from where you entered. Open it and find a Golden Spider on the celing. Continue, following the orb trail. Keep moving and look for a blue door on the second floor on your right that you can open (mash Circle in front of it) and find some Blue Portal Energy inside.

Keep going, beating up the enemies as they appear. Remember to use Spider Sense to locate the key and the proper exit door (in green). You’ll need to use the turrets at the end of this hall to open the door for you, so use your Decoy to guide them.

Inside, prepare for another fight. Use Decoys when the gunners have their laser sights on you and avoid the attacks in the hope of keeping a good combo going. Look out for the “commander” type enemy which will fly above the ground and attack you. He takes a lot of hits to go down but will not be as huge a threat as the others.

You’ll find the key on one of them. Now you can go back, but first, open the nearby blue door and find another generator like before. Smash it to pieces. Good.

Your path back to the locked door will contain more of these mechanized foes for you to pummel. When you get to the end, use the key and go through the door.

Thus begins the free-fall section. Learn quickly how much the Left Analog Stick reacts to your movements. The movements are mapped “standard” not inverted to your movements. So hitting up will make Spider-Man 2099 move up and vice versa.

Obviously, there will be a ton of obstacles and such to avoid. Again, try to adjust quickly to how much you move with simple touches of the stick. Things will get more difficult when you have to pass through tiny openings. Use the blue “landing” cursor you will see ahead of you to determine if you’re going to hit something or not. If you don’t see it, you’re ok.

Eventually, the corridor starts twisting and turning, making it more imperative for you to constantly adjust. When it returns to normal and you have to dodge what look like columns or walkways, try to rely on really simple movements. Just “nudge” the Left Analog Stick in the safe direction to get by. Just finesse it a little bit and you will find it easier.

It’ll get to a point for most of the rest of this section that your movements should only consist of really small “shifts” to the left, right, up, or down, and then very often, back and forth. For example, you might need to dodge to the left real quick, then back to the right. This will be common and it’s fairly easy to get used to after a few tries.

At the end, you’ll watch a short scene and then you’ll be climbing up. After all that falling? Sheesh. Anyways, avoid the bright red/orange plates on the wall as they will, of course, hurt you. Follow the orbs instead. When you come across turrets, tap Circle a few times to disable them for a few seconds. Be sure to grab the obvious Blue Portal Energy on the way too.

The next few turrets will be shielded so use your Decoy instead. Get to the top and you’ll have another fight. Use Time Paradox to get a strong advantage and then mix in your Square and Triangle attacks. Use R1 on gunners to stop them or use Decoys.

Before leaving through the time-created door, access the computer console to grab a bit of Portal Energy.

Whoa, not so fast there, Speed Racer. A few baddies would like a word with you. Use Decoys immediately and try to take a few of these guys down. They can grab you which is annoying and if that happens, tap any button repeatedly to escape. Otherwise, they won’t pose much of a threat.

Break down the door, then the one at the end to find another arena for you to battle in. Again, a large horde of enemies this time. focus on gunners first as I’ve suggested and then beat on the rest. If you have Time Paradox available, use it.

When you’re done, find the glass door, not the metal one, and open it. Look on the wall inside for a Golden Spider. Also use the computer for some orbs.

Act I – Chapter 4: Pro and Anti-Venom

You’re back as Amazing. Your first task is to collect all the orbs around here and beat some thugs on the other side of a small divider. Grab a key and pop open the security door to keep going.

In the next room, you’ll get a short scene. After that, an explosion. And after that, you will need to open the door at the end. You may be tempted to do the challenge in this room but it’s probably best to collect the orbs first then do it another time. Anyway, when you’re ready, go through the top-right door and turn left to find a console that will open it. It’s timed though and the door you came in through will be locked so go down the hall and exit that way, then quickly swing over to the exit.

Grab the large Blue Portal Energy on your right, then climb the wall on your left, following the trail of orbs. Crawl along the glass ceiling, collecting more, then drop down to the floor when you are clear of the lasers in this room and leave through the door.

After another encounter, it’s the flee from a fiery explosion bit! Swing down the corridor and use Hyper Sense (L2/Left Button, remember?) to slip by the laser grids.

When you come to a room, look for a large tank behind some glass that has a hazard sign on it. In front of it will be a blue indicator for where to stand. Do so there and hit Circle. The door will open, letting you continue.

Keep swinging and look for zip points to quickly traverse the area and use Hyper Sense again when you come across lasers. When you reach the second control panel, look behind you for a Golden Spider. Leave and swing and zip to the final one. Your last task is to mash Circle/B to close a door.

Open the door across from the third console (just walk up to the wall and you can mash Circle) and uncover another Golden Spider.

Use Spider Sense to find the green door you need to exit through and hit Square to force it open. After crawling through the vents, you’ll need to throw a switch in the following room, then get through quickly.

Thankfully the guide is literally lit up for you with orbs so just follow them. Start by zipping to the left and crawling up the wall one floor. Follow the orbs from there and get through the door before it closes. Collect the Portal Energy in the next room and use the console.

The next room presents you with a challenge of not getting hit in combat. You can meet it easily but just watch out for the “monster” enemies who can fire slow-traveling lasers at you. Activate Hyper Sense and pick on them first to remove their threat. Deal with the rest with really fast and hard-hitting attacks.

Open the next door and you’ll fight even more of these monsters as well as a few guards. Wait for them all to surround you and use Time Paradox. Use Air Launchers to get enemies up into the airs and follow up with Square attacks, or just chain your combos as you have been. When the monsters start to come out in force try using Web Strike (R1/Right Trigger) to strike them from a distance. Hit the bigger ones with your best combos.

Use a key you got in this fight to open the large door. Enter a familiar room and… well, you must know what’s coming, right?


Same as before, except now thanks to a visible boss health bar, you have a semblance of progress rather than helplessness! Yay progress!

As you might expect, Anti-Venom is completely unfazed by your attacks so you have to be ready for him to hit you at any moment. For this reason, you need to make potent use of Hyper Sense to get quick and frequent attacks in on him.

When his “skin” starts to pulsate and it seems something is about to go off around him, back away to avoid some damage. After this, be wary of the small “puddles” around the arena which can grab you when stepped on.

Keep using Hyper Sense and strike back to weaken him. Eventually a Quick Time Event prompt will appear above the boss. Hit Circle near him to start it. After that, follow him through the open door, picking up the Red Portal Energy to heal yourself.

Go around all the crates, looking for a back entrance where the orbs are. A quick scene, then the fight is back on! You have lost your Hyper Sense so use Time Paradox. Try to get some hits in and be aggressive; it’s about all you can do. Eventually, a QTE starts where you’ll have to hit X/A twice to avoid damage.

After that, a short intermission…

Act I – Chapter 5: Fighting the Future

Back as Spider-Man 2099, beat up the flying enemies and use Decoys to evade their homing missiles. Vary your combos and try to corner them and use Roundhouse Spin if you have it.

In the next room, take a detour to the left and fight a few more enemies. Use R1/Right Trigger attacks to hit those who attack you from the upper level as they can be annoying. Use Decoys and your normal combos on the rest.

On the second level, look for a door you can break open for a Golden Spider. Finish off any remaining enemies and then look for the blue circle and stand there. Mash Circle to remove the damaging energy in the next room. Find a door to your left on this floor and enter that area. Grab the Portal Energy, then pry the door open quickly.

Another big fight. Use Decoys as soon as they become available and take out any gunners to keep your combo going. Web Strike attacks are a big help. Also keep an eye on those flying “commander” enemies and their missiles.

Grab Portal Energy in the small room after, then in the next one, turn around as soon as you enter and look up at the wall to find a Golden Spider. Next, follow all the orbs and zip points to reach a console. Activate it to open a timed door. Crawl through the vent on the back wall, then zip and swing to the door in time.

In another similar room, search around for all the orbs, by watch out for the floating turrets. You can find a Golden Spider on one of the high platforms in the room.

Look for the tell-tale door on the walkway and break it open to enter a duct. Just three enemies await you in the next room so just use your Decoy, but don’t waste your Time Paradox on them.

Find that blue circle and raise the small column like before. Exit and drop to the floor, avoiding the turrets. Open the door quickly and it will be back to…

There will be a short intermission where you control Amazing again. Just avoid the strikes of the boss as he advertises his attacks very obviously. After he swings, fire back with just one punch. Rinse and repeat for a scene.

Walk forward and then into the hallway nearby. After another scene, it’s back to the boss.


You’ll notice the tables turn pretty quickly here. Just unleash a volley of attacks and try to force Anti-Venom back. Still, watch for his attacks but use Decoy right away and it will give you an early advantage.

Again, watch out for those “puddles” on the ground. They tend to be at the worst places so be careful when attacking. When you see Anti-Venom leap in the air, charging his “ground pound” attack, activate your Decoy and counter him, or just dodge if you have sufficient reactions.

Use Decoys over and over and over to maintain an advantage. When you deal enough damage, you will get short QTEs to activate by hitting Circle/B. Keep up the attacks, noting that when you hit him enough, Anti-Venom gets thrown back, giving you some more free shots. After that though, he starts blocking. Use Decoy at the moment he tries to counter.

Eventually, as you continue dishing out the hurt, there will be a problem in 2099 that calls for your help. In the new area you are fighting in, look for the pods on the sides of the room. The bottom left one is broken already, so just focus on the other three. Watch Anti-Venom closely. He will take a “ready” position to pounce at you. When he does this, stand in front of one of the pods and use your Decoy. He’ll charge the decoy and destroy the pod. Do this for all three to continue into the next segment.

Repeat the same tactics as you have been. Try to use Decoy and make Anti-Venom fall back. Keep up your aggressive attacks and when he tries to counter after blocking, use a Decoy again. Also, consider using Roundhouse Kick when using a Decoy to help you stagger him quicker.

Be. Extremely. Careful. when he uses the blades on his arms. They can kill you. You’ll see them appear before he uses them. Use Decoy to get behind him and attack him there.

Continue the assault until another QTE prompt appears. This will end the fight and Act I.