Rage Weapons Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

4 October 2011
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Rage Weapons Locations Guide Screenshot

Our Rage Weapons guide will show you the location of the lethal weapons that you can find hidden throughout the world of id’s Rage.

Index of Rage Guides:

Here is a list of all the Weapons you’ll encounter in Rage.

Primary Weapons List

1. Settler Pistol
2. Combat Shotgun
3. Assault Rifle
4. Sniper Rifle
5. Striker Crossbow
6. Authority Machine Gun
7. Rocket Launcher
8. Authority Pulse Cannon

Ammo List

1. Authority AV2x Rounds
2. Authority M6 Rounds
3. Authority Pulse Rounds
4. BFG Rounds
5. Buckshot
6. Dynamite Bolts
7. Electro Bolts
8. Fat Mammas
9. Fatboys
10. Feltrite AR Rounds
11. HE Rockets
12. Killbursts
13. Mind Control Bolts
14. Pistol Rounds
15. Pop Rockets
16. Pulse Shot
17. Sniper Rounds
18. Steel AR Rounds
19. Steel-Tipped Bolts
20. Viper Rockets

Weapon Upgrades

1. AM6 Laser Sight
2. AR Concentrator
3. AR Stabilizer
4. Monocular
5. Shotgun Extender

Quick Use Weapons

1. Wingstick
2. HE Grenade
3. RC Bomb Car
4. Sentry Turret
5. Sentry Bot
6. EMP Grenade
7. Advanced RC Bomb Car
8. Advanced Wingstick
9. Advanced Sentry Turret
10. Advanced Sentry Bot

As shown in this video which highlights the weapons you’ll find throughout Rage.

Thanks to BomFunkStudio for the guide video.


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