Rage Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Our Rage walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this highly anticipated FPS from the Doom/Quake/Wolfenstien creators for PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.

Rage is set to be a groundbreaking FPS game that is set in the near future following the deadly impact of an asteroid crashing into the Earth. Left behind is a world that’s been ravaged. The player must emerge from the wasteland to discover the humanity that’s been left behind. The vast wasteworld is teaming with life set to rebuild itself while striving to survive against evil mutants, evil roving gangs and an evil government organization called simply, “The Authority”. An oppressive regime that is seeking the player out. Rage features intense FPS shooting gameplay, breakneck vehicle combat, jaw-dropping graphics and an expansive world powered by ids revolutionary id Tech 5 engine giving players an experience like no other.

Rage is rated M for Mature so please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language.

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Rage Walkthrough

The storyline of Rage is set on a planet that lives in fear of a planet-wide extension due to a massive asteroid headed for the Earth. Thus the world’s leaders are left with the monstrous task of ensuring human survival. With few alternatives available, pods that protect the life inside are filled with certain individuals and buried deep into the earth. The player has been chosen as one of those survivors of the modern-day ark, and enter the earth alone. Left to your own devices the player must survive in a world that prefers you die. Rage combines powerful storytelling and heart-pounding action for a unique and thrilling first-person shooter experience.

Key Game Features:

  • Rage offers players visceral first-person gunplay and exploration – Players face off against gangs of bandits and hordes of mutants with an arsenal of exotic weapons and special items including Wingsticks, Personal Turrets, Sentry Bots, Remote Controlled Bomb Cars and a whole host of other interesting and unique modes of attack!
  • Rage offers frenetic 3rd-person vehicle-based mayhem! – Players get the chance to burn rubber through a vast wasteland in their own super buggy! Your own buggy can be upgraded and customized with unique parts, weapons and even paint jobs to make it your own! You can then battle your buggy in four-wheeling bandit clans to test your skills in deadly wasteland racing!
  • Unlimited action with three ways to play! With Rage players can immerse themselves in a rich story driven single-player experience, cooperative play with a friend or multiplayer mayhem available online.
  • Rage offers an expansive world to explore for an in-depth experience beyond first-person shooter action and vehicle-based combat. Explore id’s first true open-world with unique characters to interact with, side-quests to tackle and a compelling storyline to discover.
  • High-fidelity graphics which must be seen to be believed. Rage is powered by id’s cutting-edge engine called id Tech 5. Powered with new Megatexture technology, Rage brings the wasteland to life with jaw-dropping graphics and effects, with stunning detail and 60 frames-per-second speed! Drool with us!

Rage Intro and Opening

Once you gain control, look up and down to adjust your viewing settings.

NOTE: In this game SAVE like crazy. Autosave is not that good, and it’s a pain when having done so much and dying to find that you have to redo most of it again

Open the door, and make your way out. As your moving forward you will get a cutscene where you will get knocked over. Someone will come to your rescue. He will tell you to get in the Buggy. Before getting into the buggy, go towards the building to your left. There will be loads graffiti over the door saying you enter you die. Remember where this door is if you want to find the secret Quake Room.There is another entrance you will come to while doing the Buggy parts mission. But you can only find these 3 hidden buttons, once you have completed the mission. Go outside kill the two enemies by your ATV and then go back in and work your way up. The Buttons will be visible now. We will be posting a video to show how to go about doing this on our Rage Easter Egg page.

Now if you look to the left of the buggy behind the barrier, there is a goal post. This will be relating to the achievement It’s Good. Basically there are 3 hidden goal posts in the wastelands. The other two are located in Mutant Bash TV and Northern Water Tower. You need to drive towards the goal post as top speed and crash into the barrier. This will launch your body over the handlebars and through the goal post (Score…..).

Get in the buggy to Hagar’s Town. Get out of the buggy and follow Dan Hagar into the office. Talk to him a few times to get Bandages, A Settle Pistol and your first Job.
After talking to him look to the far left corner next to the bed on the nightstand there you will find the COLLECTOR CARD: DAN.

Mission 1: Quell the Bandit Threat

After accepting Quell the Bandit Threat Job, Go outside the Garage. In the Corner you will see Becky. Next to her on the Barrels you will find the COLLECTOR CARD: GRENADE. Get on the ATV in Dan Hagar’s garage. Before leaving, go right and you will see a guy with a gun standing to your right by a yellow barriers. Stop there and get off the ATV now you are at the front of the gas station where Dan is in.. In the Corner of that building on some rocks you can find the COLLECTOR CARD: LOOSUM

Get back on the ATV and follow the path on your minimap to the ghost hideout.When you enter the Ghost Hideout, make sure to check all the bodies for ammo etc. As you enter there will be a box with some items in it you can pick up and sell later.

A Grindable Lock can be found here. You cannot open this door yet as you will need to complete the Missing parts mission so you can unlock the Lock Grinder ability. So you will have to come back another time. When you do go back you will find some Feltrite (2) and the COLLECTOR CARD: GHOST PISTOL inside. The first load of enemies are ahead. Shoot them in the head or upper body with the Settler Pistol and tap the right bumper to switch to your fists to attack them at close range or click the Right Stick to melee attach with your weapon.

When you get to the second set of enemies, there will be an enemy on the upper ledge between two flaming torches. To your left there is a another room with a large cube statue. Jump on the base of this statue and move towards that nightstand. Right next to it is the COLLECTOR CARD: GHOST BOSS. Now go through the doorway next to where you collected the ghost boss card and look right. There is a wooden walkway. On the very end of this walkway (ledge) is the COLLECTOR CARD: GHOST BONESTICK.

Move towards the next room with a large statue, a cutscene will occur. During this part you will learn how to use the Defibrillator. In the first part of the Defibrillator Sequence. Hold the Analog Sticks so the cursors pass over the highlighted circles on each side, When they do hit both triggers. After a few seconds of this round, a second round will begin. In this round you just tap the triggers when the cursors pass over the rectangles. If you complete the process, you will not only regain life, but you will stun or kill nearby enemies.

Part 2 of the Rage walkthrough for Mission 1 – Quell the Bandits Threat.

SECRET EASTER EGG ROOM (WOLFENSTEIN): After the cutscene and Defibrillator, you will pick up the pistol. Directly infront of you is a door. Make sure to save first and then go through this door, go right and right again. Be careful there is an enemy in this room (bedroom) Shoot or sneak up on him. Now go to the next area, there will be another couple of enemies. Once you have killed them, go towards the right. Look for the area where you can see a TV on a TV stand. On the Right side of the TV Stand in the corner click A and the door should open. And that will be the Wolfenstein Room. Inside this room will be a cup that you can sell. Follow the balcony around you will come out to another area with enemies, they will be using the ziplines to come down towards you.

Follow the corridor around. Ahead of you there will be some more enemies. On the a wooden stand there will be some HE Grenades. To use them just select them with the D pad. If you use grenades on enemies, there is a downside. You won’t be able to recover any items from them. There will be some vending machines around here. You can get money out of the vending machines.

Make your way to the Zipline and use it to return to the entrance. Leave the Ghost Hideout and drive back to Dan Hagar. Speak to him and he will give you another job and the Ark Armor. Save your game.

Mission 2: Medical Supplies

Wingstick Mastery

If you leave at the front of the gas station and look to your left, you will be able to see Loosum Hagar. Talk to her to win some Wingsticks by beating Wingstick Mastery. Toss the Boomerang – like wingsticks at all the targets that pop up so you can win 5 wingsticks. You need to hit 5 Targets for 10 total points.

After speaking to Loosum Hagar, Look to your right for a neon sign by the gas station pump area. Underneath that sign, go down the slope and speak to Haleck Hagar. Speaking to him lets you buy or sell items. Get rid of cans, books and other stuff you don’t need and then buy some more ammo. Make sure to keep some money as there will be Cards and better weapons to purchase later. Save before leaving town.

Drive south to Outrigger Territory and talk to Rikter Outrigger up the stairs. Pass by him and go talk to Janus Outrigger. She will be at the top of the rig. She is the one wearing the red and blue glasses. After talking to her, turn around and on the red sofa you will find the COLLECTOR CARD: JANUS

After you have accepted both jobs make your way to the radio tower in Wasted Territory just across the road from the Outriggers. Follow your mini map towards the tower. Follow the path all the way down until you come to your first two enemies. Kill them and if you look where they were standing, you will see there is another room underneath. In this room you will find COLLECTOR CARD: TURRET.

Keep following your map, there will be two more enemies in a small building ahead of you and another one with a shotgun while heading down the path towards the tower. When you enter the building there will be two mutants in there, one will be by Juno’s body and the other will come running towards you when you take the first one out. You can search Juno’s Body but not the mutants. This completes Where’s Juno.

Now keep following the room around until you come to a dark room with a ladder infront of you. Before going up the ladder, look to your left to find COLLECTOR CARD: RIKTER. Go up the ladder and directly infront of you is a switch. Flip the switch and go down the stairs to your right to use the Zipline.

Talk to Rikter Outrigger on your way up and he will give you the combat shotgun. Talk to Janus Outrigger to complete the job and she will give you the bandages recipe. If you have the right supplies you can now build bandages.

Part 2 of the Rage walkthrough for Mission 2 – Medical Supplies.

On your way down the stairs, Speak to Ramos Outrigger for the Mutant Alert Job.

Mutant Alert

Follow your mini map to the Ghost Hideout. There is a firework launching tube to your left on the cliff. Activate it and three mutants will come running towards you. Kill them and return to Ramos. He’ll give you 100 dollars and 12 fatboys for your settler Pistol. Now to complete Medical Supplies you need to go back to Dan Hagar. He will give you the Adrenaline overdrive Schematics and 100 Dollars.

Mission 3: The Missing Parts

Make your back to the Wasted Territory where you did the radio tower job. Follow the path all the way around but instead of going right towards the radio tower go left. When you see a tunnel with a blue sign saying No Entry Dam Personnel only go in there and follow the path. You will come to a dead-end but there will be a small ladder you can climb. Go up and keep going forward.

The door you’re looking for will have the words Get Ready 2 Die spay painted on. Entering through this door will bring you out to the fifth floor. There will be loads of items to pick up as well as a Grindable Lock. Approach it and you’ll get the Lock Grinder Schematics. Open your engineering menu and Create a Lock Grinder.

Lock Grinder (Small Gears, Hardware Packet and Electrical Wire Kit)

Go down the stairs to the fourth floor and fight your way through until you come to an electrified door. Just opposite this door is a motor hanging in the doorway. You need to go around to the other side of it to get the alternator. After taking the alternator, the electrified door will unlock and open.

Going through this door will take you to the third floor. There will be more enemies in the room to your left by the stop sign. Take them out and then to your right go up the stairs to find more items to pick up including the COLLECTOR CARD: WASTED CLUB which will be on the floor next to another door. Again there will be more enemies to take out. Search for parts/items to pick up. Open the Grindable Lock using the lock grinder so you can pick up some HE Grenades, Antiseptic Formula and Cloth rags.

Part 2 of the Rage walkthrough for Mission 3 – The Missing Parts.

Make your way through to the next set of stairs. When you go down these stairs, you will be on the 2nd Floor. In the corner on the floor by these stairs opposite the doorway to the next area is a cardboard box (Next to a sign: Speed Limited 25) Inside this box you will find COLLECTOR CARD: WASTED PISTOL. Go through the door and again there will be more enemies to take out. After clearing the room and picking up all the loot, you will eventually come to an area with a bright light shining in it and an engine. Go up to the engine and quickly take the distributor Cap and move away from the engine as far as possible. A fuel line has dislodged from the engine, spilling fuel and when the nearby flame ignites the fuel, there will be a large explosion. The next door will be open and lead you to another area with enemies. Follow the rooms around and collect all you can. When all is clear take the next set of stairs down to the first floor.

Make Sure to SAVE!!

From here, a car will come racing down through the garage towards you. The car will hit another car causing him to stop. The driver will pop out of a hatch and start shooting at you with his machine gun turret. He must be the wasted Clan’s leader. If using the monocular, aim at his face because the helmet he is wearing is protecting him. His health meter will appear on the right side of your screen. I found throwing grenades at him also worked well, or you can take cover at the point closet to the wasted clan leader. Across from this cover, there’s a pillar with a glowing box on top of it. Pull the lever on the box to release an oxygen container on a track along the ceiling. Shoot the container as it passes over the leader’s head to deplete about 95% of his health with one shot.

Move to the back of the garage and pick up the piston assembly off the workbench. To your right against the wall in a box/crate is the COLLECTOR CARD: WASTED TURRET. On your way out there will be another Locked door. Build another Lock Grinder to unlock this door. Inside you will find some Feltrite Crystals and Buckshots for your Combat shotgun. Now that you have all the parts, Leave this building.

Part 3 of the Rage walkthrough for Mission 3 – The Missing Parts.

There will be two bandits outside, Take them out and before returning to Durar Hagar, get on the ATV and go up the path. Instead of going straight and following your minimap, go right and follow the road until you see a railing on your right. This will be right above the wasted garage you just came out of. Get off the ATV and follow the railing until it stops. There will be another COLLECTOR CARD: DAGGER THROWER. Take the parts back to Durar Hagar so he can fix the buggy for you. Pick up the Tow Truck Radio on his desk and go see Dan Hagar for your next job.

Mission 4: Destroy the Barricade

After completing the buggy parts mission. Go see Dan Hagar and he will ask you to destroy the barricade. Go get supplies and sell all the junk you’ve collected except for Feltrite. The barricade is just south of Hagar Territory. Follow your minimap but DO NOT drive into it directly because they have rocket launchers. If driving through try drive towards the rocks and pillars to the right. This will help you keep some cover from the rockets.

This is a great opportunity for you to unlock the open-minded achievement. If you save your game before going out to do this then you can complete the mission and reload it again for the 2nd time to get the achievement. Basically you need 10 sniper headshots.

Once all the enemies have been taken out walk up to the gate and place the explosives on it. Back away and the gate will blow up. Return to Dan Hagar for 100 Bucks.