Rage Easter Eggs & Secrets List (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

This Rage secrets and Easter Eggs guide will show you where to find some cool hidden room secrets within the vast wastelands of Rage.

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Wolfenstein 3D Hidden Room Easter Egg

You can find a cool Wolfenstein 3D secret room, a reference to id’s groundbreaking Wolfenstein 3D title, located within the very first mission of the game.

If you don’t discover this room while you can, you may miss it because the room eventually becomes blocked off. You’ll find it during the Ghost Hideout section. Look for the Wolfenstein 3D room following the Defibrillator tutorial. You’ll find the hidden room by interacting with a flatscreen TV, even though there is no prompt to interact with it!

With that gone, you’ll find yourself staring at a 2D door. Open it to enter the hidden Wolfenstein 3D room. Don’t forget to pick up the Wolf Goblet item from the floor.

The Wolf Goblet description reads: “Very rare antique jewel encrusted goblet. Looks to be of German craftsmanship.”

This video shows you exactly where to find the room!

DOOM Hidden Room Easter Egg

You can find a DOOM secret room in the game as well, a reference to id’s DOOM series. It’s located in the Gearhead Vault, within Subway Town. You can access it through a main story quest.

Once you’re able to access this area, clear out all the enemies and head towards the area near the end with the computers. You’ll need to activate 7 of them as shown in the video, and you’ll hear a distinct sound effect from DOOM for every keyboard you interact with.

Once you’ve activated them all, head back to the beginning entrance, and a previously locked door will now be accessible. You will then find a teleporter that will transport you to a classic DOOM level. In that level, go up the stairs and you’ll find a DOOM Marine Bobblehead.

The Doom Marine Bobblehead description reads: “Very rare promotional id Tech item.”

This video shows you exactly where to find the hidden room and how to go about accessing it:

Quake Hidden Room Easter Egg

You can find the Quake easter egg right after you collect the parts for your buggie in “Mission 3: The Missing Parts”. After you finish that, don’t go right to the exit, instead turn around and walk up the stairs. There’s a red Quake button hidden in plain sight below the furniture on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor (hiding at the bottom of the wall near the floor). There are 3 buttons to press in total, each time you’ll know you’ve done it right if you hear the sound effect, so one button on each of those floors. Once you find all 3 (the video below shows them all) you go back down to the 2nd floor.

Once all 3 red buttons are pressed, on the 2nd floor look for the red Quake symbol next to the stairs, which you’ll now be able to walk up. At the top of the stairs you’ll find a Quake portal door that brings you to the hidden Quake room! Don’t forget to pick up the Shambler Plush item from the floor in the middle of the room.

Matrias mentions that when doing the Quake hidden room, the buttons won’t appear till after you’ve left the garage and reentered, the bosses car blocking the hallway should disappear. And his ATV got spikes and horns on it after finding the room and obtaining the item, so check that out.

MindlessTorrent mentions another Quake reference. There are “Quaola crayons” to be found in Ghost Town, they have the official Quake symbol as the Q.

Secret Developer Graffiti Room

You can find the graffiti room at the Subway Town when you’re on the job at the abandoned distillery.

When you reach the room that contains several tall stills, search for a ladder leading down to a recessed area of the floor. Climb down to this low area and follow the path around the base of the still. At the end of the path is a mattress, interact with the valve just above the mattress, this opens the door to the developer room. Go back up the stairs and look to your right, you see the door open half way, crouch and enter the dev room to get your trophy/achievement.

This video will show you the Secret Developer Graffiti Room location that unlocks an achievement or trophy in the game once you enter it.

Fallout 3 Bobblehead Easter Egg

You can find an amusing Fallout 3 item. In the “office of the mayor”, as it says on the white board outside on the office walls, you can find a Fallout series Vault Boy Bobblehead collectible item. It’s on Mayor Clayton’s desk. Pick it up, because it’s worth $150 if you decide to sell it.

The Vault Boy Bobblehead description reads: “Very rare promotional Vault-Tec item.”

DOOM Bobblehead Easter Egg

At the very start of the game, when Dan Hagar (voiced by John Goodman) picks you up after escaping the Ark, he has a DOOM-inspired Bobblehead sitting on the dashboard of his buggy.

DOOM 3 Shirt Easter Egg

Another fun little easter egg. Crazy Joe is wearing a DOOM 3 T-Shirt.

Thanks to XCVii007r1, GrabrBubi, MaratPlaysMC, Gametastik, Shockblastmedia & RoosterTeeth for the Wolfenstein room, graffiti room & other easter egg videos.

Please comment if you’ve discovered any other fun easter eggs or secrets in Rage, we’ll give you credit for your find.