X-Men Destiny Codes, Cheats & Tips List (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii)

Looking for codes, cheats, tips and secrets for X-Men: Destiny? Find the full list of Powers, cheat codes for unlockable costumes, New Game + advice and more.

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Emma Frost Suit Cheat Code (Xbox 360 and PS3 Versions)

You can unlock the Emma Frost Suit cheat code by entering the following. First you must be on the Main Menu after choosing one of your saved game files. Then enter:

* For the Xbox 360 version, press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left.

* For the PS3 version, hold R1 + L1, and press: Up, Down, Right, Left, Circle, Triangle.

Does this cheat work on the Wii and DS versions as well? If you know the answer, leave a comment!

Juggernaut Suit Cheat Code (PS3, Xbox 360)

You can unlock a Juggernaut suit by entering the following code. Do so at the “X Start” Screen in the Main Menu.

* For the PS3 version, hold L1 + R1, and press: Down, Right, Up, Left, Triangle, Circle.

* For the Xbox 360 version, press the following: Hold LT+RT (or LB+RB) and Press: Down, Right, Up, Left, Y, B.

Does this cheat work on the Wii version? If so and you have a code, leave a comment!


New Game+ Power Warning
After you beat the game, you can choose the “New Game +” option which carries over all your XP, Upgraded Powers, X-Genes, and Suits with your Faction being reset, so you can play the other side. However, be warned. If you choose another Destiny Power (where the game stops and lets you choose a power) you will effectively lose the original Power and all the XP you’ve invested into it for this next playthrough. HOWEVER, it is not gone forever! You can get it back by loading a game from the Title Screen, and then choosing Chapter 2 (Riot), reaching the Boss and getting to the screen where you select your power again. If you choose the power that you beat the game with in your first playthrough, it will be restored and fully upgraded. In this way you can play around with the powers. Just be warned that if you plan to go through the whole game again, you won’t get to keep your old power. You must choose one.

How Do You Gain X-Genes? What Is the Difference Between Them and Powers? Are X-Genes Random?
Powers are set and you can only select one out of two at set points in the game. However X-Genes are random but can be based on other factors, like faction alignment. Some X-Genes will only show up once certain conditions are met. Note that the game does NOT save immediately after you pick up an X-Gene. So it is possible to reset and hope to get something else.

Which Characters Have X-Genes?

1. Avalanche
2. Colossus
3. Cyclops
4. Emma Frost
5. Gambit
6. Havok
7. Iceman
8. Juggernaut
9. Magneto
10. Magneto
11. Mystique
12. Nightcrawler
13. Northstar
14. Pixie
15. Psylocke
16. Pyro
17. Quicksilver
18. Surge
19. Toad
20. Wolverine

This trailer shows off some of the X-Genes in X-Men: Destiny.

What Is the Complete List of Power Choices?

Energy Projection
Choice #1: Force Field or Energy Tackle
Choice #2: Protection Aura (Passive) or Floating Automatic Turret (Passive)
Choice #3: Focused Energy Beam (Great For Beating Bosses) or Gun Blast (Shotgun/Machinegun style)
Choice #4: Sun Power (Lift small enemies off ground and blast them. Easily kills Grunts)

Density Control
Choice #1: Time Bomb Sticky Obsidian Shards (Explode after set time) or Obsidian Barricade (Projectile shield and blunt ground smash object)
Choice #2: Offensive M-Power Meter Boost (Passive), Defensive M-Power Meter Boost (Passive)
Choice #3: Obsidian Boulder (Unstoppable and Impervious) or Obsidian Shatter (Encase enemies and destroy them).
Choice #4: Obsidian Titan (Transform into giant to easily stomp on small enemies and quickly destroy bosses)

Shadow Matter
Choice #1: Shadow Tendrils (Grab or Pull Enemies) or Shadow Knife Vortex (Spins and Throws Enemies)
Choice #2: Green Orb Drop (Base Attacks Drain Enemy Life) or Enhanced Teleport
Choice #3: Shadow Cloud (Damages enemies) or Multi-Teleport (Attack Several Enemies at once while teleporting)
Choice #4: ?

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This trailer shows off some of the Powers in the game as listed above.

Thanks to Taylors438 for the Emma Frost code.