Kirby Mass Attack Walkthrough Video Guide (DS)

This Kirby Mass Attack walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this unique DS-exclusive platformer. Remember you can play on 3DS too!

Kirby Mass Attack offers fans of the ever-pink puffball and beloved Nintendo mascot, an all-new never-before-seen twist! One day (Yes, ONE DAY!) an “evildoer” appears to Kirby, and splits him into ten pieces using a magical cane! OH NO! Thus proceeds a new Kirby adventure wherein Kirby heads out on an epic journey to restore himself to his original one-piece nature. In this unique game, players control everything with the stylus, which they use to control a literal mass of Kirby’s in a way that’s both new and novel. Swipe the stylus on the touchscreen to launch Kirby’s at enemies, or tap enemies to beat them into submission! Go Pink Man Go!

Kirby Mass Attack is rated E for Everyone and is suitable for the whole family. It contains Comic Mischief and Mild Cartoon Violence.

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Kirby Mass Attack Walkthrough

This single-player side-scrolling action game combines RTS-like elements with a unique stylus control mechanic in which players control a mass of Kirby at once! You must be able to control the versions of Kirby simultaneously to defeat enemies, navigate the world, solve puzzles and complete the game’s many challenges and Achievement Tasks (over 30 in-game Achievements!). The touchscreen controls give the player multiple ways to control our pink hero, and the game features a Medal System, unlockable Mini-Games and familiar characters from the Kirby universe, like King Dedede.

Gameplay is unique as the player must properly manage and control the ten Kirby’s using the DS stylus and touchscreen. The Kirby swarm can be used to discover treasure, defeat enemies, solve puzzles and navigate the environment and perilous platforms. Many of the puzzles in the game require the player to have only a certain number of Kirby’s, and thus learning how to control the mass of Kirby properly is key. Many different ways to control the Kirby are available to the player. Flick to fling a Kirby, use a single Kirby and launch him into the air by flicking the stlyus up, or tap a spot on the screen and watch as the entire mass of Kirby move to that spot! Players who rise up to the challenge can earn Gold, Silver or Bronze medals depending on how they beat the level. Collecting them as they beat the game’s various stages will unlock a variety of fun minigames to play. Each of which presents its own unique challenge!

Key Game Features:

  • Kirby Mass Attack presents a new gameplay mechanic, control a mass of 10 Kirby’s at once with the DS stylus and touchscreen!
  • There are lots of different ways to control Kirby and his friends. Move each individually, have the mass move to a single point, and more!
  • Many of the game’s puzzles and challenges require only a specific number of Kirby!
  • Kirby Mass Attack presents a fun mix of platforming and RTS (real-time strategy) gameplay!
  • Be rewarding based on your success in a level with Bronze, Silver or Gold medals to unlock fun minigames!

World 1 – Stage 1

World 1 – Stage 2

World 1 – Stage 3

World 1 – Stage 4

World 1 – Stage 5

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