Spotlight On: Duncan (Dragon Age Origins)

In this Episode I will be shedding some light on Dragon Age: Origins’ lead Grey Warden – Duncan!

Hello everyone and welcome to another ‘Spotlight On’ episode, where I shine the spotlight on the little details of my favorite video games! Today I’ll be talking about Duncan. But don’t watch the video if you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins as it contains plot-related spoilers!

Check out the video here!

As a character, he is soft-spoken, dignified, strong and wise and, as a result, easy to see why so many respected him! Hell even I respected him only a few minutes into the game!

I think what is marvellous about his character, is the fact that he fills the role of “soft guiding presence” but has a ruthless streak too. When it comes to the Blight and the Darkspawn, Duncan is brutal and does what he must to further the cause. No back story was given at all regarding Duncan, which was a wonderful touch.

Overall I take my hat off to the developers and Peter Renaday (or Renoudet) for bringing this character to life!

So what did you think of Duncan?

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