Mafia Wars 2 Announced for Facebook. New 3D World!

Mafia Wars 2 has been announced for Facebook by developer Zynga, as their next big launch following Adventure World; a game that has challenged the company with their largest and most in-depth title yet released.

In the first game players build their criminal empire by collaborating with their group of real-life friends. By offering their help, players can complete crimes, enter into battle, rob rival crews, run a black market business, and purchase items, goods, weapons and getaway cars. The game was originally set in New York but was eventually expanded upon with new cities including Moscow, Bangkok, Cuba, Las Vegas, Italy and Brazil.

Mafia Wars 2 looks to build on that by offering players an entirely new 3D world to explore! Several new characters will also be introduced for this new title, which is a sequel to the hit social networking game, launched in 2008, that was one of the huge standouts in the early Facebook days.

The new game has the tagline, “Being bad never felt so good.” and a highly artistic trailer set to “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction! If you “Like” the Mafia Wars 2 Facebook page ahead of release, you’ll score some exclusive limited-edition goodies!

Here is the debut trailer for the upcoming Mafia Wars 2.

Zynga is already heavily promoting the game, and its sure to be a huge hit for them. Were you a fan of the original Mafia Wars?