Angry Birds Sales Exceed 350 Million

The Angry Birds franchise has sold over THREE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION copies!

*insert Scrooge McDuck swimming through money pic here*

This was reported by CNN Money and Fortune, who revealed that the mobile sensation has absolutely blown away any estimations of exactly how success the franchise would be.

The Angry Birds franchise was reported on by the publications only back in March of this year, and since then sales of the franchise have continued at an absolutely astronomical pace, tripling the number of downloads to improve by some 150 million! Rovio even revealed that fans are playing an astonishing 300 million minutes of gameplay PER DAY!

The mind wobbles.

The company is even selling one million Angry Birds Plush stuffed animals a month, and over one million Angry Birds tshirts a month. That’s some serious dough!

The latest Angry Birds game is called Angry Birds Seasons: Mooncake Festival, which gives the game a unique Asian spin along with tons of new levels to keep Angry Birds Players Addicted until another 100 million milestone is reached!

Do you still love Angry Birds?

Here’s a look at Angry Birds Seasons: Mooncake Festival.

Via CNN Money