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20 September 2011
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Chapter 2 House of Sand

When you begin this chapter, you will start with a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene is finished, you will need to start to look for where the Gas Barges are headed for.

Before you head out, you will be able to pick up some ammo around the crash site.

Make your way through the cave and you will need to spread out and watch out because it is time to take out the Corpser.

The Corpsers head will need to be shot at, it will retreat and you will need to track its movements located on the ground, when it pops out of the ground again keep shooting it.

After you have defeat it take out the couple of enemies and follow your team.

Head through the door and take cover behind the pillars, here will be some tickers to take out. Take out the tickers and proceed forward, jump up onto the upper level and deal with the enemies located on the ledge in front of you.

There is a large grinder located on the ledge, after taking out all the enemies, you will enter a sjprt cut-scene that will start the ambush!

You will need to take cover as much as you can, take out the enemies from a distance, if you want want to release some anger you will be able to use your Clever.

After defeating the ambush, you will need to head through the gate, once you are through the gate, you will need to follow the path round the side of the ledge and take out the Siege Beast Crew located just ahead.

Whilst your running forward, you will need to watch out for the snipers located above, you will then need to roll for cover and take out the enemies, use your grenades to help take down the larger groups.

After you have defeated all the enemies located at the bottom, make your way round and head up the ladder.

Once at the top,it is time to take out all the Locust! Before you deal with the enemies, on the left side of the catapult, you will be able to find some grenades and ammo.

Use the catapult to thin out the enemies, after thinning out the enemies, run forward and start to shoot!

After you have defeated all the enemies, there will be a load of ammo to pick up, pick up what you need and have a snoop around for the weapons located around the ammo.


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