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20 September 2011
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Chapter 3 Homecoming

Following your team, you will be able to pick up some odds and ends as you move around.

Moving through the streets, and you will enter a cut-scene.

Make your way through the door to your checkpoints and head towards the metal gate, open the gate and head through the playground where you will meet one ugly Lambent, you will need to sue the walls of the playground for protection whilst you take out those ugly beasts!

Make your way back through the gate and deal with the Lambent located around there. You will need to use the cars and cement bollards for protection, pick up any items the Lambent drop.

Once you have taken out all the glowies, you will need to keep going to the shops, you will need to make your way through the barbedwire.

Homecoming Part 2

After you have reached your checkpoint, you will need to push forward and deal with the parking lot of all the Lambent, after you have cleared the parking lot, you will need to make your way over to the food store and make your way around and look for supplies.

Whilst you are looking for supplies, you will need to take out the polyps and other sorts of Lambent’s.

Keep going through the shop looking for supplies and picking up and goodies whilst your taking out the Lambent’s.

After you have taken the Lambent’s out, head through the door.

Keep heading through the shop picking up items and looking for supplies, you will need to use your chainsaw to break the crates and flick the switch, you will then be able to get into a mechanical loader.

You will need to use this loader to open the door into the glowie filled area.

Time to follow your team and use the cover to take out the enemies, you will be able to use your loader to move the car and the van.. Remember to pick up your supplies located inside the building to place them over near the smoke.


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