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20 September 2011
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Act 4 Chapter 4 Batten Down the Hatches

When you start this mission you will be thrown into a battle!

Use the large metal crates to get closer to the enemy and to protect yourself from the enemy fire.

There will Barge that will be floating in the sky, it will be dropping Guards into the battle, there are also metal pipes piled up that you will be able to hide behind for protection.

You will need to make your way over to the balcony, head up the stairs located on the left. Use the corner of the wall to take out your enemies and protect them from enemy fire.

Make your way down the other side of the stairs and take out the enemy who is waiting at the corner!

Head up the stairs on the left and make your way through the metal door.

Once inside, you will be able to pick up some ammo.

Making your way over the catwalk and head through the door located on the left and head through the yellow doors leading into the Sub Hanger.

Making your way over the wooden platform, you will need to take out the very long and large Serapedes.

It might be a good idea, to make your way up the ramp and shoot the enemy who let it out of it’s cage!

You will also need to watch out for the snipers located on the rooftops.

Once you have taken out the first Serapede you will need to deal with one more Serapede, you will need to shoot the glowing part on its bum.,

After you have cleared out all the enemies, make your way into the ganger and pick up any weapons and ammo you will be able to find. Following your team to the large metal gate and head through.


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