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20 September 2011
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Act 4 Chapter 2 Crater

Moving forward following the path, How are you meant to get that ammo on the car!

You will need to keep moving forward following your partners to get to Griffins Refinery, as you make your way forward you will deal with an enemy attack.

Make sure you stay sharp because these creatures can come out from any direction.

Use the walls and pillars for protection, you will also be able to make your way in and out of the broken buildings to shoot the enemies down from a different angle.

After you have cleared out the enemies, you will be making your way through Lambent territory.

You will need to keep moving through Lambent territory taking out the enemies as you move forward.

You will need to use the pillars of the buildings for protection, keep taking out the enemies, you will need to move back and forth out of cover to take all the enemies out.

Remember to shoot the pods on the arm of the sister enemy.

After you have cleared out all the enemies, you will need to make way in and out of the buildings picking up new weapons and ammo.

Once you have picked up enough ammo, follow you partners into the old subway, it will collapse behind you.

There is an ammo crate located at the end of the track, if you move towards it, it will fall over the edge.

Keep following your partners and you will need to take out all the enemies that will be located in front of you.

Remember to take cover, use your frag grenades if you have any left to take out groups of enemies.

It is also a good idea to try and take out the enemies from a distance.

Using the old foundations of the buildings for protection in this ambush.

If any of your partners go down, head over and give them a hand to revive them.

After you have cleared the area, make your way inside the Refinery.

Keep your eyes open for ammo, once you have picked up any goodies, head to the door and enter the Refinery.

There is ammo scattered around the area, whilst you are making your way around the room, look for a door with Keep out, kick it down and activate the switch.

Once you have gotten power, you will need to make your way over to the lift and press the button, get ready to take out the Former Humans.

The Lambent will be coming from every lift that opens, so keep your ears pealed for the bing of the lift.

Once you have cleared out the room, I think you will need to take the stairs, you will need to head up the stairs and over to the car and push it.

The lift will start to raise and you will have to deal with a very large Lambent.

Once you have killed the Gunker the lift will carry on rising.


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