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20 September 2011
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Chapter 1 Anchored

You will start this level on the ship, you will be able to have a wonder around and head over and wake up Dom.

Once you have woken up Dom, make your way up the stairs and head over to your point of Interest. After Dom has shut the windows, you will need to head towards the stairs and you will enter a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene head up the stairs and make your way through the door.

Make your way over to Anya to enter another cut-scene, make your way towards the door and get your weapon ready! There will be a load of Lambent to shoot and then you will need to make your away up the stairs after you have defeated them

Once you have dealt with the Lambent downstairs, there will be Lambent to deal with upstairs, make sure you have your weapons equipped and take cover when you can.

Once you have taken out all the Lambent, make your way over to the control panel and activate the switch for the helicopter pad to rise allows the chopper to land.

When you start the second part of the video, you will need to make sure you pick up some ammo for your weapons located on the floor and then start taking out the Lambent, use the crates and other items for cover whilst you deal with the Lambent

After you have taking out the Lambent you will need to make your way up stairs and have a look in the room upstairs, this will be the control room.

Once you have finished watching the cut-scene, you will be out of the room and need to take out the Lambent below.

You will be able to jump down and deal with the Lambent from a closer range. Follow your team mates to deal with the Lambent and then make your way over to the Captains quarters.

When you head down the stairs, you will need to pick up the fire extinguisher and put the fires out and then deal with the large Lambent in front of you.

Once you have made it into the Captains Quarters, you will enter a cut-scene.


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