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20 September 2011
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Chapter 4 Ghost Town

Welcome to Ghost Town !

Making your way forward , you will be able to pick up some ammo, make your way to the left where the archway is, head through the archway and make your way over the bridge and follow your partners through the area.

Make your way over to the pipeline and disable it.

You will then need to disable the charge and keep moving following your partners.

Make your way through the gate and disable another charge.

You will enter a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene, you will need to do exactly what the instructions say, you will need to chase the crazy old man!

Make your way down into the sewers and find the crazy old guy, you will enter another short cut-scene.

It is time to split up, you will find out that the Lambent has spread to the humans! You will need to start to shoot the infected and find out way out of the sewers! Thee best weapon to use is your shotgun.

Keep heading through the sewers and taking out the Lambent, they are pretty easy to take out.

The Lambent will head through a barrier, shoot them and you will need to activate the lever.

Make your way up the ramp and head to the door.

Once you have made your way through the door, you will need to keep following your partners and make your way up the ladder to leave the sewers.

Keep following your partners and pick up the Vulcan Cannon. You will be able to pick up ammo located on the floor near the machine gun, keep shooting the human lambent, the best way to take them out is to stay on the behind the sandbags.

After you have taken out all the human lambent, you will need to make your way up the ladder and down the stairs following your team.


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