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20 September 2011
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Chapter 3 Breakneck Run

You will start this mission with a cut-scene.

Once the cut-scene if over, it is time to start the Truck level.

Driving forward, you will need to start to shoot the Reavers, Keep your eye in the sky and on the floor as they will be in the sky and land on the floor, you will be able to shoot the Reavers pretty easily.

Once you have killed off all of the Reavers, you will need to shoot at the wall on the golden area, you will need to shoot three walls to get through without crashing.

Once you are through the walls, you will need to kill off all of the Corpsers.

After you have taken out all the babies, you will need to deal with Mama!

Remember to get and shoot at her eyes to defeat her, after you have defeated Mama Corpser, you will need to carry on killing off the smaller Corpsers.

After you have reached your next checkpoint, you will need to fight off some more Corpser’s and Reavers.

Whilst you are stuck in the sand, you will need to keep taking out all the Locusts that will be poping out of the sand. Once your free out of the sand you will need to deal with some more Locusts and it is time to take out the Burmak!

To take out the Burmak, you will need to shoot at the rocket, you will defeat the Burmak when you enter the short cut-scene.


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