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20 September 2011
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Chapter 2 Rescue

When you start riding in the truck, you will need to Rescue Sam and Anya.

Whilst your in the truck you will need to defeat all the enemies that are on the ground, you will get blown out of the car, after the short cut-scene you will need to take out all the diggers and the Locusts around you.

You will be able to use the turned over car as protection, there are also boulders you will be able to use for protection.

Remember to shoot the pods on the long arms, once you have shot the pods, you will need to get back into the ambush and start taking out your enemies.

Pressing forward you will need to have a look around the area for some ammo.

You will then meet another Zerker, proceed forward and take out the enemies, you will need to keep running until you make it to the fort!

You will then enter a cut-scene.

It is time to take out the Zerker!

You will need to wait for the Zerker to charge at you and wait for his chest to open and that is where you will need to shoot at it, you will need to shoot this part of his chest for the entire mission until you have defeated it.

Make sure you do not have any crates next to you whilst you are going to roll because this will cause you to stop rolling and more than likely end up lunch.

As you keep on fighting the Zerker, you will find ammo drops scattered around the area, use these to replenish any lost ammo.

Try to use your active reload as often as possible to ensure the bullets do the most damage possible.

Eventually the Zerker will start to drop molten lava stuff, you will need to watch out as if you head through it you will die.

Try to let your team mates do some of the work for you and concentrate on staying out of the Zerkers way.

After you have killed the Zerker, you will enter a cut-scene.


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