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20 September 2011
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Chapter 5 Hijack

You will need to run forward and take out the enemies that are firing at you!You will need to destroy them all so you will be allowed to make your way over to the Barge Landing, heading down the slope and under ground, you will need to deal with the flying enemies and the Locusts, you will be able to pick up ammo on the floor.

Pressing forward after you have defeated the enemies, you will need to keep shooting the enemies in the distance, using the crates and walls for protection. You will be able to pick the bow on the left side of the crates.

Make your way through the archway and take out the grenadiers that will be flying through the area.

There will also be a larger digger to take out.

You will need to run through the underground area and make your way onto the balcony, this is is a great way to deal with the enemies located below.

Before you get to the balcony you will be able to pick up some ammo.

Make your way back through the tunnel and head to the area where you defeated those enemies, make your way forward to the gate.

Make your way through the gate and head through the underground tunnel, you will be able to pick up some ammo located in front of you.

After you have picked up all your ammo, you will need to proceed forward and head to the docking tower and pull the lever on the moving platform.

Once you have made it to the top, you will need to take out the Queens Guards that will be coming out of the Barge.

You will need to watch out for the Catapult fire coming from the Barge, watching your back is a must in this section as the enemies will appear from nowhere and end up behind you.

You will be able to pick up ammo on the corners on the Docking Station.

Keep shooting the Queen’s Guards until you have defeated them all.

Eventually the Barge will land at the station and the Queen’s guards will run off the Barge.

After you have defeated the Guards, you will enter a cut-scene.


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