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20 September 2011
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Chapter 4 Trench Run

The first thing to do is find your way out of the bunker!

Make sure you have all your weapons ready and start to make your way through the bunker, I know you are going to think I’m a bit mad but I think the Barges looks cute !

After the short cut-scene, you will need to run for cover into the bunker! Keep following your teram makes and keep low for cover!

Once you have made your way out, you will enter a cut-scene. After the cut-scene, you will need to make your way over to the Barge, whilst your on your way over to the Barge, you will need to deal with the Locust located on the other side of the bridge.

Head over the bridge and take cover behind the crates and sandbags, after you have defeated the enemies, make your way towards the gate and head through.

Once you are on the otherside, you will need to watch out for the ticker in the cage, it will explode and damage your health.

Proceed forward and have a look around the area for ammo, you will need to follow your team to activate a small cut-scene, you will need to run forward and pick up the ammo if you need it.

After you have picked up the ammo and the pistol on the floor., you will need to make your way over the catwalk shooting all the Locust in the distance and throwing your Frag’s.

You will also be able to shoot the tickers hanging from the ceiling.

After a short break from the enemies, there will be another wave of enemies that floor the floor below.

You will need to take them out using what ever weapons you choose to use.

Make your way down to the floor below and get in there taking out all the Locusts.

After defeating all the enemies, you will need to proceed forward through the gate that will shut behind you.

You will be locked in the room with a Corpser!

The Corpsers head will need to be shot at, it will retreat and you will need to track its movements located on the ground, when it pops out of the ground again keep shooting it.

After you have killed the Corpser, head through the gate and proceed forward. And head up the ladder.

Trench Run Part 2

You will see the baby Corpser and the eggs, of course you will shoot it! You will wake up mommy and it is time to run and shoot the babies!

You will need to shoot all the babies and then you will be introduced to Mama Corpser!

You will need to aim for her eyes! Whilst you are taking out the Mama, you will need to deal with all the babies that will be running around.

Whilst you are dealing with the babies and Mama, you will have medium Corpsers to deal with.

You will need to keep shooting at the Mama’s eyes and taking cover, picking up ammo where ever you will be able to.

When Mama covers her eyes, you will need to deal with the other Corpsers located around the area, keep your eyes open for the ammo that will be lying around the area.

Once you have shot all of her eyes, you will need to keep out of her way, she will be running around for 30 seconds and you will need to keep out of her way! Make your way for the door on the other side of the room.

You will enter a cut-scene.


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