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20 September 2011
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Chapter 3 Forced Entry

Once the cut-scene is over, you will need to make your way into the Locust stronghold without sitting any alarms off!

Let’s do it !!

When you make your way forward, you will need to defeat any guards that will be around the area, when you make your way forward you will be able to pick up a One-shot, you will need to shoot the enemies located on the wall, if they see or hear you they will sound the horn.

After defeating all the enemies at the top, you will need to start defeating the enemies that are coming out of the side entrance.

Using the one-shot would be the best weapon to use, you will be able to pick up some ammo located around the floor, head through the side entrance and flick the switch next to the gate to open the gate.

Make your way through the area picking up ammo and weapons, head through the gate, you will need to take out the Locust located around the area before they sound the alarm.

Proceed forward and use the walls as protection for the enemy fire, you will be able to get your hands on a Multiturret.

Pick up your ammo located on the floor and you will need to make your way up the wooden ramp next to the gate, keep taking out the enemies in the distance and you will also be able to pick up some Frag’s on the floor.

The best way to use your lancer is to use it with two of three quick bursts, keep heading down the ramp into the open area. You will need to take out the digger and other enemy Locusts.

You will need to activate the lever located on the back of the large cylinder in the middle, watch out because there is a Locust located on the right side of the low wall.


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