Gears Of War 3 Easter Eggs & Secrets Revealed

Our Gears of War 3 Easter Eggs and Secrets Guide will show you how to find the Cole Train’s beloved hat, how to enjoy some Thrashball, where to find free chocolate (yummy) and how to play on the playground!

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This funny little Easter Egg involves a “Thrashball” table. You can find one during the Anchored section of Act One, Chapter One. As soon as Dom joins your party, you’ll soon walk up some stairs and enter a Recreation Room. It is here that you will find the Thrashball table. You can’t play it unfortunately, but you can press the X Button at it. This will emit a funny Cole Train “quote”.


Wanna put a Cougars hat on that head of Cole’s? Sure you do! During Act One, Chapter 3’s “Homecoming”, you’ll come across a truck as you enter a park with a playground at the park. If you’re playing as Cole, you can wear the cap either forwards or backwards by pressing X. The cap will stay on until it gets blown off during a zipline sequence later on in Act One, Chapter Five. You’ll also find a Cap during the Hanover Supermarket sequence.


Oh Cole. How we love you. This fun Easter Egg further reveals his playful side. At the beginning of Act One, Chapter Three (Homecoming), you’ll find a playground during the Stranded Outpost sequence at Hanover, Cole’s hometown. You’ll find the playground as you are heading to a warehouse outpost, however a battle will stand in your way. During this intense fight, the player who is Cole, can walk up to the playground slide and… USE IT! Press X. An amazing cutscene will then be triggered that all players are forced to watch. Enjoy.


During the Hanover Supermarket sequence, after you get done battling in one of the store’s aisles, you’ll then be invaded by Lambent. After they are defeated, head into the aisles and make a left turn. You’ll spot a cardboard cutout of Cole that is an advertisement of Thrashies cereal! Hit X to press the button and get ready for an awesome Cole one-liner! If you keep pressing it eventually the rant to Queen Myrrah from Gears of War 2 will play! Snazzy.


Following the sequence where the team is introduced to Jace Stratton, you’ll see a scene featuring a vending machine and Jace’s frustration at not being able to get his candy bar. Dom will then tell him that it must be old and nasty by now, well past the expiration date. Jace will give up on the chocolate. Now is your chance to strike! GET DAT CHOCOLATE! Once control is back in your hands, head up to the machine and press X. You’ll kick it, and Marcus will take the chocolate for himself. “It’s mine now!” 😀


Make sure to play “Ashes to Ashes” chapter on Insane Difficulty. DO NOT destroy, walk through, or shoot any of the ash people. You will earn an achievement for sparing every one of the ash people. Before you go see Griffin go to the door to the right & a lady will let you in, there should be a chicken with a pirate hat if you did it right, push X on the chicken & it will explode into flowers. Keep a look out & knock off all 3 of the ammo boxes along the way to the end of the chapter. DO NOT skip chapters you must do it in one play though. You can die (since it is on insane) & re spawn & it will still count as long as you make sure to knock all three ammo boxes down, so no worries if you have a hard time with it. After you knock the third & final ammo box down the Cluckshot machine should come up below where the final ammo box fell & drop 4 Cluckshots with 4 ammo each, enough for a full co-op party.

Giant Fire Breathing Golden Chicken

That’s right. A GIANT FIRE-BREATHING GOLDEN CHICKEN! To find this badass Easter Egg, play through Act 1-1 on any difficulty. At one point you will reach an area that has large tubes. Go up to all four and press the X Button. You won’t be prompted. When you press the X Button on the fourth tube, a regular chicken will pop out! Start shooting it for the MOTHER of all surprises! Now to kill the Terminator Chicken, which is made of solid gold, moves faster than an eagle and breathes fire(!), you may want to simply blindfire until you take the f*cker down! AWESOME!

Halloween Pumpkin Heads

On Halloween (October 31, 2011) Gears of War 3 added a Pumpkin-Head mode to its multiplayer.

Dom’s Beard

This video will show you how to get The Dom Beard Easter Egg in Gears of War 3 by standing next to Dom in the “Prologue”.

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Thanks to IGN, YouJuicey, RoosterTeeth, TheRealGiantBomb & Spev624 for the easter egg videos!