The Avengers: The Video Game Cancelled

It looks as though The Avengers: The Video Game has been cancelled for fear of revealing too much information on the locales, info and baddies from the forthcoming Marvel superhero ensemble coming our way in May 2012!

As some of you may remember, THQ cancelled its MX vs ATV and Red Faction series among other titles back in August resulting in the loss of over 200 jobs. Apparently one of these cancelled projects was a first-person superhero game that was to tie into the upcoming Avengers movie.

We do know that The Avengers: The Video Game was at least being pitched, if not developed, for PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC. But at least one developer has confirmed that the game has been completely canceled, though the status of the license is unclear.

In the wake of an information leak regarding the plot, formidable foes and secret locations of the game (and possibly its movie counterpart), the game was hurriedly swept under the rug. No official statement has been released however on why the title has been scrapped.

Check out what the game could have looked like in this Pre-Alpha Footage video!

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