Saints Row: The Third Characters List

With the release of Saints Row: The Third on the horizon, here is a list of characters we can expect to see in the third installment!

Saints Row: The Third is due for release on November 15th (US) and November 18th (EU) 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and OnLive! It will be the third title in the series.

Saints Row: The Third takes place a few years after the events of Saints Row 2.

With the Sons of Samedi, the Ronin, and the Brotherhood of Stilwater dispersed, both Dane Vogel and Julius Little dead, and Dex gone, the 3rd Street Saints have gone from a small-time gang to a household brand name in Stilwater. Furthermore, with Dane Vogel dead, the 3rd Street Saints have partnered with their former nemesis, the Ultor Corporation, now that Eric Gryphon has replaced him.

Let’s take a look at the voice cast and characters of Saints Row: The Third!

The Protagonist Image

The Protagonist

The Protagonist is the main character of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third. The Protagonist does not actually have a given name throughout the series, and has been referred to as both “playa” and “boss” throughout the games, and even “MC” (main character) by the community. Along with the lack of a name, The Protagonist also lacks any definitive physical appearance, as the player can change The Protagonist’s appearance at an Image as Designed plastic surgery. The Saints Row series concerns The Protagonist’s adventures as a 3rd Street Saints gang member, starting as an initiate to the gang, second-in-command, and finally leader.

Johnny Gat Image

Johnny Gat

Voiced by Daniel Dae Kim

Johnny Gat is brash, hot-headed and also very trigger happy. He is of Eastern Asian heritage and has a torrid, on/off relationship with local R&B diva, Aisha. Johnny Gat was an inhabitant of the Saint’s Row district of Stilwater. Realizing that the district was being torn apart by gang wars, he volunteered to join the 3rd Street Saints, a gang aiming to end these wars. Gat was assigned to plot the downfall of the Vice Kings, one of the warring gangs in Stilwater. In doing so, he was aided by the Protagonist.

Shaundi Image


Voiced by Danielle Nicolette
Shaundi is a top lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints.
The former hippy has become a little more focused in the third installment. In line with the expansion of the Saints’ brand, she now has her own TV dating show and a new look that’s distinctly more professional than her previous bohemian style.

Pierce Image

Pierce Washington

Voiced by Arif S. Kinchen
Pierce Washington is a top lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints.
Pierce joined the Saints after The Protagonist convinced him by killing some Ronin members. The Saints lieutenant hasn’t changed much in disposition since the second game, but he has embraced the new media profile that his gang has achieved. He’s currently acting in Japanese commercials to earn extra cash – one of which you’ll see in the game – attempting to launch a music career at the point when the events of this game kick off.

Angel De la Muerte

Angel De La Muerte

Voiced by Hulk Hogan
Angel is a former Luchador and member of the 3rd Street Saints. In his glory days, he was once a tag-team partner to the famous luchador wrestler and his partner-in-crime, Killbane. Soon after, they formed a gang in Steelport called The Luchadores, made up of masked wrestlers who use heavy weapons and loved fistfights. Angel is rarely seen in public (due to his ‘unmasking’ at the hands of Killbane) and has found solace as a member of the 3rd Street Saints. Here, he can get revenge on the man who was once his best friend.

Josh Birk Image

Josh Birk

Rumored to be voiced by Ashton Kutcher (though this has not been confirmed)
Birk is well-known for his role as Nyteblayde, a TV show about a vampire hunter-turned-vampire, who is hunted by the organization he once worked for. Birk tags along with the 3rd Street Saints to study the gang’s behavior in order for him to make his role in the upcoming movie based on the gang’s adventures convincing. Depicted as a true idiot that is both narcissistic and very stupid, Birk is responsible for landing the Protagonist, Shaundi and Johnny Gat in prison after setting off a silent alarm.

Phillipe Loren Image

Phillipe Loren

Phillipe Loren is the main antagonist in the game, and is the leader of both the Syndicate and the Morning Star. Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third, describes him as “kind of like a Bond villain. He’s statuesque and poised and elegant, and he’s a total gentleman […] he’s not effeminate […] and he’s not going to play to that European stereotype. He’s coldly logical and dangerous and very savvy.”
He is accompanied by his two lieutenants, the DeWynter sisters.

Viola DeWynter Image

Viola and Kiki DeWinter

Viola is voiced By Sasha Grey
The DeWynters are twin sisters and lieutenants of the Morning Star gang led by Phillipe Loren. They can be identified by the color of their sunglasses; Viola wears white sunglasses whilst Kiki wears pink. It is known that the DeWynter sisters are sent by Phillipe Loren to bail the Protagonist, Shaundi and Johnny Gat out of jail and bring them to him.

Zimos Image


Zimos is Steelport’s oldest pimp.
After being rescued by the player, Zimos becomes an important ally. His connections with the criminal underworld of Steelport are useful in the Protagonist’s early days in Steelport. He takes on the role of something of a tour guide to the Protagonist as he knows Steelport very well.

Matt Miller Image

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a computer genius and leader of the Deckers. In stark contrast to the Luchadores, Miller’s gang is more subtle in its commitment of (cyber)crime. As leader of the Deckers, Miller is in charge of the Steelport’s cybercrime and the Syndicate’s go-to guy for those instances. Miller is described as an Internet god but is socially awkward when out in the open. Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third, says, “he’s super cocky and kind of obnoxious and is very self-assured in what he does. However, when he’s around Killbane or Phillipe, he’s like a 15-year-old kid sitting at the big kid table”.

Killbane Image

Eddie “Killbane” Pryor

Ignorant of his own name, Eddie Pryor does not respond to this moniker, and instead goes by the name Killbane. He constantly wears his mask, no matter where he is. Killbane is a masked wrestler who leads The Luchadores. After being banished to Mexico after killing an opponent while in the ring, he came back to Steelport in order to regain his lost success.

Kinzie Kensington Image

Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie Kensington also has a wide range of technical skills as was displayed in the “Deckers.DIE” trailer, she was displayed as being a computer genius capable of “broadcasting (to the protagonist) your sub-conscious into the Decker user net” In order for the protagonist to battle with Matt Miller. Kensington was originally an intelligence agent for the FBI before defecting over to the 3rd Street Saints for an unknown reason.

Brute Image


The Brute is an enemy in Saints Row: The Third; a massive, unintelligent clone of the giant 3rd Street Saints gang member Oleg Kirrlov, who was cloned back when he was enslaved by The Syndicate, a Brute exhibits great strength and power.


Cyrus is the leader of the Special Tactics Anti-Gang (S.T.A.G.) group.

Oleg Kirrlov

According to Game Informer,[citation needed] Oleg is a giant member of the Saints who is over eight feet tall and can toss cars as if they were made of styrofoam and doesn’t mind a game of chess now and then. In the CG trailer, he is seen displaying his immense strength with a Morning Star member try to subdue him by hanging on his back whilst he is kicking another one into the rooftop swimming pool. He then throws the man off the building, into the path of a STAG jet.

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