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16 September 2011
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This Professor Layton and the Last Specter Preview gives a quick look at what can be expected from the upcoming adventure-puzzle title!

Professor Layton and the Last Specter, known as Professor Layton and the Spectre’s Call in Europe and Australia, is a puzzle video game produced by Level-5 for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It is the fourth game in the Professor Layton series. The game is a prequel to the series, set three years before the events in Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and tells the story of how Luke met Professor Layton and how he became his apprentice. The game also includes a separate RPG known as ‘London Life’ which can be unlocked after the completion of the main puzzle adventure.

The game was confirmed to release on the Nintendo DS in North America in October 17, 2011, and in Europe on November 25, 2011.

Take a look back at Layton’s puzzling past, and take a sneak peek at his forthcoming adventure in the new game Professor Layton and the Last Specter!

Key Features of Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Here is a list of key elements that will be available in Professor Layton and the Last Specter based on news and announcements made so far.

Confirmed Characters
These characters have been confirmed so far:

  • Professor Hershel Layton– A Professor of archaeology at Gressenheller University. He became a professor at the young age of 27.
  • Luke Triton– Clark’s son, who has visions of the world ending. He has a special gift of understanding animals.
  • Emmy Altava– Professor Layton’s assistant, as appointed by the President of Gressenheller University. She is said to be a heroine, and loves taking pictures, bringing her camera everywhere with her.
  • Rosa Grims– Layton’s secretary, maid, and friend. She keeps track of research, cleans his room, and is known for her good advice.
  • Jean Descole– The new villain of the series (replaces Don Paolo). He is responsible for the evil happening to the town. He is confident Layton can solve the mystery, and wants to put an end to the professor’s work. He has an unknown connection with Professor Layton.
  • Inspector Clamp Grosky– A police inspector from Scotland Yard (replaces Inspector Chelmey), and has a fiery passion for mysteries that require his expertise. He is also very athletic and energetic.
  • Keyte– Granny Riddleton’s cat who collects all the unsolved puzzles (replaces Granny Riddleton) for Layton to solve.
  • Dean Delmona– Dean of Gressenheller University, and thus is Layton’s boss. Contrary to Layton’s wishes, he appointed Emmy as his assistant.
  • Granny Riddleton– She and Emmy had a quick conversation, short enough for Layton and Luke not to see or meet her yet. She tells Emmy that her cat, Keyte, will now be responsible for keeping track of lost puzzles.
  • Clark Triton– The mayor of Mist Haley and Luke’s father. He is also a friend of Professor Layton from college. He sends Layton a letter requesting his assistance to solve the mystery of the specter.
  • Brenda Triton– Clark’s wife, and Luke’s mother. Luke is very inseparable when with her.
  • Yula Alanbard– The townsfolk refer to her as the catastrophic witch. They say she wants to bring destruction to the entire village. She has an illness which keeps her homebound, and she rarely goes outside. She has a soft spot towards Luke and they have supposedly had a “small romance”.
  • Tony Alanbard– Yula’s younger brother. Although his sister thinks he’s a kind child, he can act very mischievous when nobody is around.
  • Doland Noble– The butler at the Triton residence. He and Luke have a strong bond, as he raised Luke since he was just a baby.
  • Deems– The Alanbard family’s mysterious gardener. Because of his scary face, people are afraid of him. He is very protective of Yula, and hates visitors.
  • Levin Jakes– Mist Haley’s Chief of Police. The entire village has complete trust in him. Some say that he is so good at his job, he must be sent from God.
  • Toppy– A mouse that Luke is friends with. He runs around Mist Haley and reports back to Luke what is happening.
  • Dark Crow– The demon that attacks Layton, Luke, and Emmy. She has the ability to transport anywhere she wants to go. She lives in the Black Market and gives Layton, Luke, and Emmy quite a chase.

Professor Layton’s London Life
Professor Layton’s London Life is a 100 hour RPG developed by Brownie Brown. The game features many of the Professor Layton Series characters, from all four games released as of 2009, and three downloadable characters from Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. The game allows the player to create his/her own avatar that they can have live in London. Specific Londoners will ask them to do certain tasks, unlocking more places in London to visit.

Check out the trailer!

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