Bravely Default: Flying Fairy RPG Announced By Square-Enix For 3DS

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is a 3DS-exclusive, Square Enix RPG announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

The game promises to offer a classic Japanese RPG-style experience with a new and unique twist, a mysterious AR Card system that the game is built around. AR being the “Alternate Reality” games feature of the 3DS that uses the two cameras on the front of the system to put virtual objects in your real life world. The game is produced by Tomoya Asano and has characters from Akihiko Yoshida.

Details on how exactly the game will work are pretty much non-existent, but Square has confirmed it will make use of multiple AR Cards, a demo of the game is already up on the Japanese eShop and a special promotional AR Card was handed out at TGS 2011. Additionally, a giant life-size AR Card was featured at Square Enix’s booth, which allows gamers to view giant versions of the game’s characters on your 3DS screen.

One thing about the game is clear, it looks absolutely STUNNING. One report goes as far as to say that the game takes what would normally be concept art, and actually builds the in-game environments with them. Creating a game that looks just as good as the art it is based on (which is rarely if ever the case). In the same report the visual style of the game is highlighted in which the player said it felt as if they were inside a painting. It has been compared to the art style of Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the most beloved Square Enix games.

Here is the debut trailer for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy exclusively for 3DS.

And here are a pile of screenshots for this stunning 3DS RPG.